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Bharat Bhise HNA – The Damage Which A Hacker Could Do to Your Business

If this should happen then your business will grind to a halt, you will have staff with nothing to do

Bharat Bhise HNA, Hacker, Business
Often this is done using something called a DoS attack. Pixabay

If you run a business and you haven’t invested in cybersecurity then it is something which you are really going to have to start thinking about. My friend Bharat Bhise HNA is what they call an ethical hacker, a man who aims to infiltrate his client’s systems in order to see how robust they are. Bharat always tells me about the power which these hackers have and the destruction which they can cause to businesses, especially those who do not have solid cybersecurity. The reason why people like Bharat are so important to businesses is because of these threats and these are just some examples of what a hacker could do to your business if you fall victim to an attack. 

Take you Offline

Hackers have the power to bring down your website or your entire network if they so wish. Often this is done using something called a DoS attack which essentially fires hundreds of thousands of requests at your server at once, in order to overwhelm it and then take it down. If this should happen then your business will grind to a halt, you will have staff with nothing to do, customers who can’t make purchases and it may take a while for you to get back up and running again. 

Data Theft 

Bharat Bhise HNA, Hacker, Business
Hackers have the power to bring down your website or your entire network if they so wish. Pixabay

Most businesses store important customer and employee information on their computer systems, giving hackers the perfect opportunity to breach your system and steal this information. If this happens then the private and personal information of your customers is going to be at risk, their phone numbers, addresses and perhaps even bank or card details could find their way into the wrong hands. If this happens then there is obviously a great risk of identity theft to the customer not to mention the fact that your business’ reputation will be left in tatters, with the world knowing that you can’t securely store information. 

Cash Theft 

Sometimes hackers even make their cyberattacks about taking money from you, and they can often do it with incredible ease. Let’s say that you have a credit card for your business, all they need to do is access that information on your computers and they can begin to use it to make huge transactions, before you have even realized that the information has been stolen. 


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 In recent years we have seen attacks take place which seemingly set out to embarrass a company, by hacking their social media accounts and posting humiliating content on there. Whether this is from a disgruntled ex-employee or your competition, it is an attack which will do permanent damage to your business, no matter what kind of crisis management you employ. 

As you can see these attacks can cause massive damage to your company, your brand and to your customers and it is exactly why it is so important that you ensure you are investing in the best cybersecurity which you can afford. 

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Here’s How Cyber Attackers Compose BEC Attacks

Cyber criminals execute business email compromise attacks during business hours

Cyber attacks on BEC
Over 90 per cent of business email compromise (BEC) cyber attacks take place on weekdays. Pixabay

Over 90 per cent of business email compromise (BEC) attacks take place on weekdays, with many being sent during typical business hours for the targeted organisation to make them more convincing, says a new study.

The research by US-based cyber security firm Barracuda Networks showed that 85 per cent of business email compromise attacks are urgent requests designed to get a fast response.

The average BEC attack targets no more than six employees, and 94.5 per cent of all attacks target less than 25 people, titled “Spear Phishing: Top Threats and Trends Vol. 3”.

“Attackers continue to find new ways to make business email compromise attacks more convincing, ultimately making them more costly and damaging to businesses,” Don MacLennan, Senior Vice President, Email Protection, Engineering and Product Management, Barracuda, said in a statement.

Cyber crime
The average BEC cyber attack targets no more than six employees. Pixabay

“Taking the proper precautions and staying informed about the tactics cybercriminals are using will help organisations defend themselves more effectively against these highly targeted attacks,” MacLennan said.

The report noted that business email compromise makes up a small percentage of spear-phishing attacks, but it has cost businesses more than $26 billion in the past four years, according to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in the US.

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Business email compromise attacks have high click-thru rates. One in 10 spear-phishing emails successfully tricks a user into clicking. That number triples for BEC attacks that impersonate someone within the organisation.

In the past 12 months, the average amount lost per organisation due to spear-phishing attacks was $270,000, said the report. (IANS)