Big Boss 11, Day 29, October 31 Highlights: Twisted nominations unfolds a lot of Drama in the House

Contestants faced the new format of Nominations this week.

Big Boss 11
Big Boss 11 highlights. Youtube
  •  Nominations this week had to be done by two contestants convincing each other to get saved.
  • Puneesh begs in front of Hina to save him from the nominations.

Luv Tyagi became the new captain after defeating Bandagi and Sapna in the task

In the last night’s episode of Big Boss 11, Luv Tyagi became the new captain after defeating Sapna and Bandagi. After which contestants faced the new format of nominations. In which housemates were called inside the confession room in team of two. With mutual consent they had to decide among themselves, who should be nominated and who should be saved.

During the nominations Puneesh and Hina were called together and Puneesh begged in front of Hina to save him as she has a huge fan following outside and he is just a commoner. He apologized to Hina’s parents and promised Hina that he will never make personal comments on her.

The process continued with other contestants and at the end, the contestants who are nominated for this week are-

Sabhyasachi, Shilpa, Bandagi, Sapna , Hiten, Pooja , Hina and Priyank.

After the nominations Big Boss called Priyank and warned him about not giving any outside information to the the housemates Also, Priyank was instructed that he must not tell about the nomination process once he is out of the confession room. But, when Priyank came out,  he started appealing in the front of the cameras to vote for Hiten, which was a big mistake.

Due to Priyank’s irresponsible behavior, he was given the final warning and got nominated as a punishment for his behavior.

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