Big Boss 11, Day 32, November 2 Highlights: Shilpa Shinde forces Vikas Gupta to Step out of the House

Big Boss 11 house again witnessed Vikas's emotional breakdown because of Shilpa.

Big Boss 11
Big Boss 11 highlights. Youtube
  • Vikas Gupta and Shilpa Shinde‘s fight is getting intense each day in Big Boss house.
  • Priyank Sharma fights with Akash Dadlani and called him ‘Dead-Laani’.

Vikas, Arshi and Mehjabi were sent to Kaalkothari by becoming the weakest performer of the task

Big Boss house has been witnessing Vikas and Shilpa’s heated up arguments. In the latest episode of Big Boss 11, Vikas Gupta lost his patience due to Shilpa’s instigations and tried to escape from jail.

Vikas also tried to convince Big Boss that he wants to leave the show and can’t stand Shilpa anymore. Big Boss tried to calm down Vikas and called Shilpa in confession room to warn her about going personal in her conversations. Shilpa apologized from Big Boss and again started instigating Vikas in the jail.

Meanwhile, Priyank and Akash got into the fight and Priyank started calling Akash Dadlani as ‘Dead Laani’.The house seems to have a lot of drama and fights coming up.

Stay tuned for latest updates of Big Boss 11.


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