Big Boss 11 Latest Updates: Arshi Khan abuses and Spits on Hina Khan during the Fight

Hina Khan and Arshi Khan's fight got ugly.Contestants celebrated Diwali in Big Boss 11.

Hina Khan in Big Boss 11 house.
Hina Khan in Big Boss 11 house. Instagram
  • Arshi Khan points her slipper towards Hina khan and abuses her.
  • Big Boss announces that this week’s luxury budget will be affected due to Vikas, Arshi’s and Jyoti’s irresponsible behaviour.

Big Boss gifted a Family picture and Gifts to Big Boss 11 contestants on Diwali

Last night in Big Boss 11 house got heated up because of the crazy fight between Hina Khan and Arshi Khan, in which Arshi pointed her slipper towards Hina Khan and spat at her. Big Boss gave punishment of decreasing the luxury budget for this week to all the housemates because of Arshi, Vikas and Jyoti’s irresponsible behavior of coming out of jail and stealing sweets from the house.

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Diwali in Big Boss 11 house came with an emotional roller coaster where contestants were given a task to guess the right contestant’s name to receive a family picture and gifts sent by their family members. In which Mehjabeen and Sabyasachi’s were wrongly guessed and were unable to receive the gift.

After receiving the gifts from their families, contestants celebrated Diwali in Big Boss 11 house and sang song ‘ Haste Haste Katt Jaye Raste’ and giving Diwali wishes to each other.

-prepared by Pragya Mittal of NewsGram | Twitter @PragyaMittal05



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