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Binge Watch And Web Surfing The Perfect Lockdown Combo

The report was commissioned by channel &flix to Nielsen

With the country under lockdown and cinema halls shut down, it was the small screen that brought people closer to the experience of watching a Hollywood film, according to a new report binge watch and web surfing was the perfect lockdown combo.

As per a new report titled ‘Hollywood Is For Everyone’, 177 million viewers watch English films and entertainment channels on the TV in India. The study was done by Nielsen, where it surveyed over 1500 cine-buffs from across metros and non-metro cities including Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Pune, Ahmedabad, Lucknow, and Indore.

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Eighty-two percent stated that TV viewing came closest to the big screen experience amidst the lockdown, while 81 percent of respondents said that Hollywood turned out to be a great way for family bonding during the Covid situation.

The study also stated that 81 percent of respondents said that Hollywood film-viewing on the small screen was the best alternative to family outings, given the lockdown restrictions, and 76 percent said that co-viewing experience was better than solo viewing experience.

Lockdown combo
OTT platforms are a boon in lockdown. Pixabay

When it comes to giving preference to TV over OTT, 88 percent said that Hollywood VFX and superhero stunts are perfect lockdown combo better enjoyed on TV than smartphones, and 77 percent said that watching films on TV while scrolling on the smartphone is the perfect combination.

It was also an economical choice as 76 percent said that they had to pay only a single service provider for access to content from a wider range of channel brands, and niftier as 71 percent said that they didn’t have to browse through content to decide what to watch.

The report further stated that eight of 10 Bollywood/Regional admirers love the entertainment value in Hollywood films and watch them in English, while seven out of 10 enjoyed watching Hollywood movies in dubbed languages.

Lockdown combo
With Binge-watching, scrolling phones has also been a lockdown combo. Pixabay

About 90 percent of viewers shared that they have grown up with the superheroes from Hollywood movies, and nearly 80 percent of viewers feel inspired by their favorite heroes and purchase special merchandise to feel a stronger connection with their icons.

For 86 percent of the viewers, Hollywood content came with an inspiration to try new things, and for 85 percent it helped them enhance their proficiency in the English language.

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In fact, eight out of 10 viewers shared that they hate to wait for months for the premiere of a Hollywood movie on Indian TV channels, and want new Hollywood blockbusters on TV at the same time as the world.

The study also revealed that Hollywood enthusiasts in India are in sync with the latest trends and are avid travelers. Compared to Bollywood and Regional admirers, Hollywood enthusiasts are more likely to buy higher-priced products and have a stronger presence on social media.

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The report was commissioned by channel &flix to Nielsen.

“The findings from the &flix consumer study are proof that Hollywood aficionados seek new experiences and have their finger on the pulse of the latest trends,” said Prathyusha Agarwal, Chief Consumer Officer, ZEE. (IANS)



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