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BJP accuses Congress for allowing illegal immigrants in Assam

New Delhi: Bhartiya Janta Party president Amit Shah accused Congress-led Assam government on Friday for allowing illegal immigrants from Bangladesh in the north-east state for increasing vote bank, which can jeopardise national security.

Shah also asserted in a rally today, that BJP was the only party that did not negotiate on national security to increase vote bank. He further added that no state could be free of illegal immigration under Congress rule.

He further alleged the Congress of having “tacit understanding” with All India United Democratic Front (AIUDF) and challenged Assam Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi to have an open dialogue with AIUDF chief Maulana Badaruddin Ajmal instead of having a secret agreement.

“…main aap logon se poochhna chahta hun kya Congress aur AIUDF aapko Bangladeshi mukt Assam de sakta hain (Do you think Congress and AIUDF can give you a Bangladeshi-free Assam?),” said shah in the rally, criticising the apparent vote-bank politics of the Congress and AIUDF.

Emphasising on his party’s dedication towards Assam’s regional development, Shah stated the continuing Naga peace talks and the surrendering of United Liberation Front of Assam general secretary Anup Chetia from Bangladesh and said it was NDA-led BJP Government that was effectively progressing towards regional development.

“Assam is a state with international borders. We know the necessity for a secure border. Being a frontal state, Assam needs, above all, a patriotic government, a committed government that understands the importance of national security. Only a BJP government can ensure all these,” he further added.

The BJP president also accused the Tarun Gogoi government of not being transparent and said that the Congress can never provide a corruption-free administration to the locals.

Shah further requested BJP workers in Assam to do a door to door campaign to expose alleged corruption of the Congress government in the state prior of the 2016 assembly elections.

Vindicating the Centre’s efforts on the land swapping accord between India and Bangladesh, he said the agreement will resolve the problem of illegal infiltration from the bordering nation.

(With inputs from IANS)



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