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BlareMob – A New Music Sensation

Music transcending genres

Influenced by the music scene in international circuits like Miami, Ibiza, and Barcelona, Delhi based group, BlareMob, launched their latest offering that has six tracks. BlareMob features artist duo Keshav Bhardwaj and Himanshu Chhabra who launched the album under the record label, Streamin’ Music Group.

IANSlife spoke to Himanshu Chhabra to get an insight into the music they make and what the audience can expect. Excerpts:

Q: How was BlareMob formed?

A: We have known each other since we were little kids, but our shared passion for music brought us together, and we started this duo project ‘BlareMob’. Our preferences, even though a little different, help us create music that’s different.

Q: What can the listeners expect from ‘No Brainer’?

A: ‘No Brainer’ EP has a mix of multiple genres. So listeners can expect different energy from different tracks.

Q: Was the EP conceptualized during the lockdown?

A: It was conceptualized partly during the lockdown. We had been working on developing our sounds for some time before this period.

The Lockdown period has given us time to evolve as musicians and because of that, we might have something completely different in store for our audience in the coming months. Pixabay

Q: Coming as it does amid the pandemic and lockdown, did you consider a theme that would be high on positivity in your music?

A: This period has been really hard, and while we were making this EP, we did have an idea about the vibe we wanted to create. Since all the festivals and concerts have been canceled, we produced this EP keeping in mind the fun listeners could have while playing these tracks at their homes, cars, etc.

Q: Your favorite track?

A: It’s hard to choose one track specifically. There are different parts of different tracks and instrumentation that we like.

Q: Why you thought of naming it ‘No Brainer’?

A: Well, ‘No Brainer’ means “something that requires little or no mental effort”. And this EP features music purely to have fun and dance to, without giving it too much thought.

Q: Future projects?

A: The Lockdown period has given us time to evolve as musicians and because of that we might have something completely different in store for our audience in the coming months.

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The EP is available on all digital platforms including Spotify, Apple Music, Beatport, and Amazon Music. (IANS)



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