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Not having an extensive contacts list, physical infrastructure, or even adequate startup capital can all drag on your initial prospects. Pixabay

Starting as a freelance or flexible worker can be difficult. Not having an extensive contacts list, physical infrastructure, or even adequate startup capital can all drag on your initial prospects for growth. With limited options and intense competition, it can be hard to figure out the best way to proceed.

In Brisbane, many flexible workers and startups are taking advantage of Brisbane’s virtual offices to give their businesses the best chance at success. If you are unfamiliar with virtual offices and their potential usefulness for your company, here is a list of some of the ways in which this tool can give your business a boost.

Let’s take a closer look at some of these specific benefits and how a virtual office can help your business succeed.

What Is A Virtual Office?

Starting as a freelance or flexible worker can be difficult. Pixabay

Virtual offices provide many of the benefits of traditional office space, without the commitment of actual physical space. You can have access to a local telephone number with a receptionist, the use of coworking space when you need it, and a host of other advantages at a much more affordable price point.

Instant Credibility

Networking and building a solid base of contacts and clients is at the top of every startup’s list of things to do. Having access to your broader industry and major investors is critical to early success. However, it can be difficult to gain the recognition you need when you are in the early stages of your business.

Virtual offices can dramatically assist in this regard. By providing you with access to a prestigious address to use on all your business materials, including letterheads, reports, invoices, and business cards, anyone you meet in your industry will be more likely to take notice of your company.

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In Brisbane, premium providers of virtual offices are fully aware of the power of an address to boost credibility. As such, they have located their virtual offices with a spot at Riparian Plaza on 71 Eagle Street. This 53-storey building has been built to command respect and prestige in the heart of the city’s financial district. Many established and well-known businesses, including KPMG and Clayton Utz, have already chosen to locate themselves here. You can join this elite club immediately by using a premium virtual office service.

Affordable Rates

The last thing that startups and freelancers want is to pay for physical space that they do not need. Cost minimisation is critical for the success of every business, from the largest to the smallest. With office rental rates skyrocketing in the Brisbane area, it can be prohibitive for newcomers to establish themselves in this manner. However, virtual offices can be had for extremely affordable monthly rates, even from premium providers. Look for a provider who does not require a security deposit and where a month-to-month contract is the norm. As an emerging business, you need this kind of flexibility to succeed.

Office Essentials Included

With limited options and intense competition, it can be hard to figure out the best way to proceed.

The benefits of virtual offices are also very tangible. With premium providers of virtual office services, you can expect that you can have access to meeting rooms and boardrooms for rent when you need them. You are also provided with access to coworking spaces in both your home location and around the world. In these spaces, you can expect high-speed, secure internet connections and access to traditional office infrastructures such as printing, copying, and scanning facilities.

Virtual Office, Real Success

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To enjoy these very real benefits for your business, consider using a virtual office. Their increasing popularity across Australia is indicative of their usefulness and prominence in the country’s business scene. Virtual offices are here to stay and for great reasons.


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