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Break The Monotony of Your Home With Juxtaposition of Colours and Textures

The rough, heavier textures balances the neutral colour scheme to give a warm and intimate look to the space.

Banish monotony from your abode and bask in the resplendent glory of an array of eclectic colours and textures and design that will instantly elevate any space.

Arshi Mukri, design expert at Pepperfry and Sudeep Kolte, Vice President Sales and Marketing, Saint Gobain India Pvt Ltd – Gyproc Business list some of the ways to uplift your space and create bravura with these timeless design elements.

* Modern minimalist: For a space to look sleek, contemporary and voguish, darker palettes are the perfect bet. Greys and blacks never get old and have imperishable charm. Light reflective accessories when combined with these colour schemes add scale and are visually striking. Mirrors and metallic finishes make for great accents, which instantly lift a dark interior, adding drama and sophistication. Fabrics such as velvets and silk provide a richness to darker spaces. Aiming to bring in the minimalistic touch through the perfect shade of wall colour, people tend to forget the fifth wall popularly known as the ceiling.

Modern minimalist
Modern minimalist Wall Hanging. Flickr

* Earthy effervescence: There is nothing more soothing or calming than earthy vibes in your home which creates an exquisite look. The subtle and neutral tones such as beige, ivory, taupe, in addition to the look and feel of natural materials in interiors, creates a moody and dreamy twist. Botanical explorations and ceramic accessories help in bringing the space alive and emphasising the cosy qualities of the interiors.

Natural textures such as wicker and worn leathers ensure textural contrast and add unrefined beauty to the space. With earthy calmness, a space will also require attention of acoustics as it is an integral aspect to balance comfort with a better ambience. Ceilings made out of gypsum-based plasterboard can help to add in that effect, if not, one can always add dense or upholstered curtains to keep sound out as well as highlight the earthy tones. * Rustic romance: The blend of soft furnishings combined with rugged upholstery makes for the ideal rustic look. The colour palette for this look is subdued and often white or beige coloured walls covered in wood or stone are preferred for their airy, elegant quality and grandiose effect. Reclaimed wood and stone interiors are an imperative part of this style, which preserves character and brings the nature into the house.

Earthy Texture. Flickr

The rough, heavier textures balances the neutral colour scheme to give a warm and intimate look to the space. Simple and soft fabrics without a print make a statement when combined with sand-coloured furniture, linen throw pillows, jute accessories, and cowhides provides definition and interest to the space.

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* Nautical explorer: While earthy vibes sooth the premise’s essence, another one to add in a calm effect is the nautical palette. Maritime elements does not always mean boats and anchors in form of accessories or white and blue in form of room colours. One can experiment with various hues of green, blue, red or even greys mixed well with white or some lighter tones. The space can be accentuated with addition of lights, patterns wherever possible on walls as well as the ceilings. Walls can be experimented with textures like swirls to waves to marine life. (IANS)



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