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No need to get disappointed, here's how you can keep up the excitement. Pixabay

As the coronavirus pandemic unfolds, Indian weddings are chartering unknown territories. Brides or Grooms are either postponing or cancelling their big day or finding creative ways to get married while ensuring social distancing and other restrictions.

However, it is possible to keep the excitement of the big day going for all Brides-to-be? One of India’s only one-stop-platforms for everything weddings shows brides in waiting how you can still have fun and use the lockdown period to your advantage.

Research Research!

With plenty of time on your hands, look for what you want. The silver lining is, you now have bonus time to perfect and include everything in your wedding that you might have missed out earlier. Look for options and explore different ideas for your decor, makeup, sangeet, and more!

Wedding Invites

It is the first introduction to your wedding and plays a big role in setting the vibe. Keep up with the trend and e- personalise your wedding invites. DIY, experiment with thematic motifs, monograms, quote, or no quote. Add elements of real-life in your invitation to give it a special look.

Try personalizing your wedding invitations. Pixabay

Plan a bridal shower

There is nothing better than just packing your bags and taking off to an exotic location, but unfortunately that’s not possible with the current scenario. Keep up the excitement, by planning a budget-friendly bridal shower with your bridesmaids, and up the fun quotient of your party with a quirky theme and decor. Get all the girls together and go old school- organize a pajama party with silly games and laughter.

Call up your have the fun , party with a quirky theme and decor. Pixabay

Consult a dietician/trainer to stay fit

Subscribe to fitness platforms, follow dieticians and trainers for tips and tricks to stay fit during the lockdown. Practice yoga and eat well for a jaw-dropping shine on your big day.

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Practice makes a bride perfect

Planning a solo dance or a piano performance for Mr. Right? It’s the right time to work on your skills and make it perfect. Practice your speech and learn those dance moves, everything is going to be worthwhile.

Also, keep in mind all of these shouldn’t be considered tasks to check off your list, but fun activities that will bring you one step closer to your special day! (IANS)


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