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Build Home Library with These Simple Tips and You will Probably Never Want to Leave!

The art of creating a reading nook in your home to curl up with a good book is a great way to unwind after a long day

Home Library, Simple, Tips
A well-decorated library establishes a more relaxed mood and inspires your creativity. Pixabay

Home libraries are deeply personal and therapeutic. A well-decorated library establishes a more relaxed mood and inspires your creativity. The art of creating a reading nook in your home to curl up with a good book is a great way to unwind after a long day. While e-books might be convenient, there is a different joy of holding an actual book. Build a home library with these simple tips and you will probably never want to leave!

Maximalist Grandeur

The idea of maximalism is to have lots of it. Start with a basic colour palette and move on to experiment with a lot of bold colours thereon but remember to have a few common colours and patterns. You may opt for a bookshelf that’s not only vertical but also horizontal, enlarging not only the storage space but also the enhancing the aesthetic appeal. One can make use of interesting objects collected over time as bookends to create a visually inspiring space within the book shelf. Stacking up different sized cabinets one after another can uplift the space by providing a well-defined character to the space.

Contemporary Cues

Home Library, Simple, Tips
Home libraries are deeply personal and therapeutic. Flickr

If you are someone who loves a contemporary space, opt for bookshelves with subtle hues. You may have a single colour dominate the entire space or just have your bookshelf in a bold colour, making it stand out. This will also create symmetry and set the tone and vibe of the room. You may opt for wooden or glass shelves, with a sleeker and shinier look to add depth to your living ecosystem.

Serene Minimalism

Minimalism has a quaint charm of its own. But getting it right, is an art. Calm and muted colours set the right mood for a soothing aura. You may opt for mini portable storage spaces and have these stationed at different corners of the house to help organize essentials you need during the day. For instance, have a culinary bookshelf in the kitchen, novels in the bedroom for bedtime reading, craft bookshelf in the play area, etc.

An Eclectic effervescence

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Let the artistic flair of a Bohemian setting take over the library. Bring in a burst of colours and patterns to give this space an instant makeover. Grab your favourite classic and perch yourself on an Aztec patterned plush wing chair whose cushy comfort will ensure that you’re at ease for hours at end. For less compact spaces, introduce an element of the outdoors by bringing in a hammock to unwind on while you binge read your favourite volumes. Add some throws and pillows in shades of living coral, powder blues and luscious yellows to add a sumptuous vibe to the setting. Give your hardcovers and paperbacks the attention they deserve by bringing in distressed wood bookshelves in serene white hues. Elevate the set up further by adorning the walls with quirky wall murals and tasseled wall hangings. Illuminate the space with pastoral jute lamps and quirky reading lights.

Vehemently vintage

Take a trip down the memory lane by creating a classic vogue home library inspired by the 70s. Curl up on the vintage scalloped or floral accent chairs paired with an ottoman while you unfold the chronicles of your cherished volumes. Add an unconventional industrial touch to the space with gold-rimmed metallic tables to hold essentials. Or you can opt for wooden tables with cabriole legs. Adorn the table by placing atop metal tripod lamps along with your antique curio collection. Display your paperback treasures in flair by bringing out that old ladder from the storeroom and set it up against the wall. Layer up the ladder with a refreshing assortment of climber plants, small candles and vinyl. (IANS)

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Follow These Tips For a Better Mental Health

Steps to improve your mental wellness

Mental health
Here are some strategic steps to improve your mental health. Pixabay


Feeling anxious and overwhelmed is not surprising in the 21st century. The year 2020 started under the cynical shadow of political unrest, international security threats, a run of hate crimes and what not. Not to forget about the vile expectations we allow ourselves to go through on a daily basis: become richer, lose weight, be a better person, think positively and more – the urge to meet such expectations, obligations and duties are so high that you often end up crumbling under them.

As Ramon Llamba, Ph.D. in Quantum Physics and the founder of Golden Age Transformation puts it, “The greatest barriers to living a better life are your self-created, overgrown expectations.” She pens down some strategic steps that you should take for a more mental health new year.

Mental health
Self-care is the new empowerment and it is beneficial for your mental health. Pixabay

Give yourself priority

Self-care is the new empowerment. While we grapple with the growing mental health crisis, it is high time that we prioritise self-love and self-compassion. As most of the psychology studies attest self-love along with compassion is the key to strong mental health.

Practising self-love is not about being self-absorbed or being narcissistic, it is like following a subtle way to get in touch with your inner self, your happiness, and your well-being. It is basically the act of looking after yourself, both physically and mentally, so you are able to push through your limiting beliefs and live a life that truly shines.

So, do yourself a favour, just take a deep breath, give yourself a little hug and start practising the art of self-love.

Take a break (vacation)

No matter how many lists you make or goals you set, things are still going to get stressful and busy. It is scientifically proven that hitting the pause button in your life has some incredible health benefits that far outweigh anything you think you might miss out on.

Trust us, you’ll feel refreshed which will ultimately double your productivity. That said, if you still can’t take time out to fly on a vacation, there are things you can do even in the most jam-packed days, like incorporating mindfulness. Try to absorb the idea of being in the present by taking a break from all the distractions with a kind heart and an open mind. You can incorporate mindfulness in your daily activities by bringing a wave of awareness and compassion to the things that you are already occupied with, such as during your commute or gym-time or even while eating a meal. Devoting a few moments to fully focus on a task at hand (mind you, you have to put all other thoughts away) can work wonders for your mental health.

You can try beginning each day with a five-minute mindfulness meditation session. If you find it helpful and want to go further then you can choose to opt for therapy to unravel a lifelong pattern, hire a personal trainer, or make time for reading.

Mental health
Going for a vacation can help improve your mental health. Pixabay


Exercising may be the last thing you want to do when you’re on your downer or feeling overly stressed, but experts agree that exercising is one of the finest yet most powerful ways to boost your mental health. It is imperative to exercise for 15-30 minutes, three days a week in order to manage stress and anxiety.

Sure, working out can be time-consuming, but your chosen form of exercise doesn’t necessarily have to be physical, it can be an emotional and spiritual one too. When people think of exercise, they only consider going to the gym or doing some in-house cardio. Be that as it may, the way to mental wellness is to establish a mind-body connection: be sure to pay attention to your spiritual, mental, and emotional counterparts, too.

Your mental health is dependent on all these four counterparts, together. Try to understand this in the form of trickle-down effect: The physical body is often affected by the sudden play of emotions, our thoughts are directly proportionate to how we feel, and it is our energy level which sways our minds and ultimately our thoughts.

You can fully access the spiritual aspect of your being by maintaining a daily connection with your soul and religion.

Tell yourself something positive

An adjustment to your everyday vocabulary, both in your thoughts and out loud can very well improve your mental health. It may sound trite to you but looking on the bright side of everything really does matter. Instead of always focusing on the negative side, flip your dialogue towards positive outcomes. In addition to keeping up with positive mental health, it will also keep you motivated. For example, rather than saying, “If I bag that job”, switch to, “When I bag that job”. These small changes in your language will do the deal for you and change your mindset to a glass half full instead of glass half empty. Understand this as a fact that when you perceive yourself and your life negatively, you end up viewing experiences, particularly in a way that confirms the very same notion. When you start using positive words instead, you are more likely to promote feelings of self-worth and personal power.

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Prioritise mental well-being

So, yes. Mental health awareness is good. It’s important to be aware of something that affects nearly a quarter of the population of this world. Basically, someone experiencing a mental health problem or going through a mental crisis may not even realise this and may need help and assistance to even accept they have an issue that requires dealing with it. There is no shame in seeking professional help in times of need. You can find yourself a therapist who is variably proactive to patiently listen and give you tools that will help. (IANS)