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‘Building indigenous education, not sending students to US will solve Indian education crisis’

(Recently, Infosys co-founder N R Narayana Murthy made a statement that India should send ten thousand Ph.D Students in important areas of science, technology, engineering and math education, every year to the US over the next 50 years. Here is a counter view being presented by Dr. Kallol Guha from Chicago)

How a given nation will advance in the future, say in the next half century or so depends on the nature and contents of the schooling their younger generation is subjected to. It is the quality and nature of cultural conditioning of the human resources through indigenous education system that is the decisive factor for national development.

Since all forms of higher education in India are in English which 95% Indians do not know, the remaining 5% Anglophonic Indians, who belong to the ruling class, are privy to such education. No special inquiry is needed to realize that the Anglophonic education of India are specifically designed- as per Macaulay’s recommendation –  to breed products that looks like dark and brown skin Indian but are thoroughly conditioned to imitate Anglo-American existence in every possible way, including language and features by liberal use of “fair and lovely”  cream ! Eternal truth is- Indigenous education – rather than blatant imitation – is the single most meaningful tool for inclusive growth and development of any nation.

The same Mr. Murthy very recently made a statement that during the last 65 years India did not make any new contribution in any field whatsoever.  If he does not know the answer why it is so-  then the answer lies in the current education system which is designed to imitate and scavenge on the leftovers of the west. Those Indians are taught to shamelessly imitate – the benefactors of Anglo-American Axis powers, whose mother tongue is English – who have succeeded in converting Indian ruling class into their docile, and domesticated poodle and are in control of the major part of the world. How have they done it?

Will they ever accept a prescription of the kind being proposed by Mr. Murthy? Will they ever change their medium of instruction into Chinese because now that language is the largest and linked to ever expanding economy?  Will their press give such a wide coverage to a statement of similar kind pertinent to their country? Will a public figure be able to save their career after a statement of this kind? Most important – can any country reach a similar status by adopting an education system that is designed to discard indigenous life and imitate others? It is an education system designed to convert a tiger of the nature to a tiger of the circus.  This naïve statement has got such a broad coverage because the mainstream press of Anglo-American patronage is there to manipulate public opinion in favor of everything that breeds western poodle.  Why? So that the whole country will become a market of their products as it already is. Another important reason- such education will breed Anglophonic Indian clowns who can’t express their thoughts, neither in their own language nor in the adopted one – let alone contribute something new. This effectively eliminates all possibilities of potential competition.

So Mr. Murthy should know why there has been no new contribution from India in the last 65 years and why there will be none.  He should also know why his statement is covered so widely in such a newspaper. Finally Mr. Murthy these 10 thousand proposed Ph. D students who are to be sent USA will be a very reliable poodle of the West ever regretting their Indian feature and skin color and of no benefit to India. Mr. Murthy should also know that when India contributed 35% of world GDP it was then that civilized world rushed to fifteen thousand university like fully indigenized higher institutes of learning all over India where they reverentially acquired higher technical education in indigenous language (s) .

A few days ago a news item in The Hindu newspaper pointed out that under “Make in India” scheme a joint venture with Israel to build fighter jets that was intended to indigenize technology has failed in its mission and it turns out to be a deal of importing products at a higher cost than buying from Russia. This news item – in case Mr. Murthy does not realize -shows failure of India’s Anglophonic Education system.  That he proposes to send Indian youth to other countries for Ph. D – instead of building indigenous capacity through thoroughly Indianized education  is due to blatant failure of Anglophonic education that is a pathetic imitation of Anglo-American axis powers.

Kallol Guha, Ph D is the President and CEO of St James School of Medicine, headquartered in Chicago area, IL, USA.



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