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By- John Miller

Are you a business owner whose business has been impacted by a severe disaster or Coronavirus? We bet you have experienced some unwanted losses and damages. Hence, in order to stay at ease and get some relief, now is the time when you should obtain SBA disaster loan assistance. Anyone who doesn’t know about this concept, let us tell you that this is where business owners get loans from lenders. An amount of $500,000, effective Apr 6, 2021 was announced by the experts. By September 2021, the amount was increased to $2 million.

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HUH Token

Stacks, Compound and their corresponding tokens, STX and COMP, have experienced different sides of the crypto world in the past month. Stacks has enjoyed a vast increase in market value over the past few days and could continue to do so. Compound has unfortunately seen a downwards trend throughout the months, none of this devaluation was sudden. HUH Token is a new opportunity for those looking to grow their wealth. The token is in presale. However, that is ending very soon. Potential buyers do not have long to decide if they will miss the entry point of what could be a lucrative journey for many.

Stacks (STX) was designed to incorporate both decentralised applications, otherwise known as DApps, and smart contracts to Bitcoin (BTC). Bitcoin is one of the most secure blockchains in existence, giving Stacks a considerable benefit as developers can build upon other DApps to provide features that were not possible before. All of this whilst remaining safe and secure. STX had a price of approximately $1.80 on the 28th of November. Moving towards the end of their promising week, the price stood at a high of $3.28.

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Kishu Inu and Dogelon Mars are some of the more popular canine coins in recent months. Their popularity is demonstrated by the vast amount of trading volume that these cryptocurrencies receive.

At the time of writing, Kishu Inu has a trading volume exceeding $10 million and Dogelon Mars has an even larger trading volume that surpasses $30 million.

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HUH Token

It’s here, and it appears that there ain’t nothin’ or no one stopping the skyrocketing force of HUH Token and the release of the long-awaited White Paper is finally here and we’re living for it.

It’s also great to note that Shiba Inu made a triumphant crypto market return this week and the reign of the dog continues though with HUH Token’s White Paper release it could see the ‘Utimeme’ token break out of the atmosphere on its December 6th launch and surpass Shiba Inu for altcoin supremacy.

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