A Buying Guide For Lanyards Amid COVID-19

Lanyards can hold your identification cards

The lanyards are a cord or strap tied around the neck or around the wrist to carry items. Pixabay

By Cathy Carter

COVID-19 has changed the way the world operates. Unimaginable lifestyle changes are adopted. You would have never thought of something as drastic as a complete lockdown in your cities and towns. Social distancing has become the new normal. With cities coming to a standstill and life’s pace altered to an unimaginable direction, COVID-19 has contributed to a mammoth change in lifestyles. Accessories like masks and lanyards have become essentials for stepping out.

What Is a Breakaway Lanyard?

The lanyards are a cord or strap tied around the neck or around the wrist to carry items like keys or identification cards. They are used to secure identification cards and come in a variety of materials.

Having the origin in the Admiral Naval times, lanyards were used to secure or fasten any item. In earlier times, it was common in the military. Many healthcare workers, school children, and others who use ID cards may need lanyards.

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Breakaway Lanyards: A Lifesaver

As the name suggests, a breakaway lanyard breaks when pulled or when a force is applied to it. Students and school staff use them to secure their identification cards. If you are in a profession or environment were carrying your ID is mandatory, you can’t afford to lose or misplace it. Lanyards are the best tool to avoid such situations.

As the ID cards are around the neck, they remain safe with this accessory holding them in place. The breakaway lanyards are useful for various reasons. Let’s find them out.

Lanyards were used to secure or fasten any item. Pixabay
  • Lanyards can hold your identification cards.
  • It prevents your id cards from falling and getting lost.
  • It is available in different materials like cotton, polyester, etc.
  • Colour Options: With the lanyards available in various colors, you can buy them to match your attire. You can also wear multicolored, themed lanyards to pep up your style.
  • Size Options: These lanyards are available in different sizes to cater to the needs of people of all ages. Some lanyards are also size adjustable, which you can adjust according to your requirement.

What Are the Main Applications of a Breakaway Lanyard?

School Staff and Students:

The entire school staff, including students and teachers, uses a lanyard for securing their identification cards. School children participate in a variety of physical activities. They love to play and run whenever they get a chance. Also, during sports periods, they have to participate in rigorous physical endeavors.

In such an environment, school children should use breakaway lanyards. It protects children from losing their ID cards while playing or doing other physical activities.

Manufacturing Facilities

The manufacturing facility employees may also wear a breakaway lanyard. All employees use the identity cards fastened around their necks. The cards are vulnerable to get snapped during the daily routine. The usage of breakaway lanyards would prevent such occurrences.

Hospitals and Nursing Facilities

The breakaway lanyard types can be used by hospital staff. Pinterest

The breakaway lanyard types can be used by hospital staff. Entire medical staff is required to display their identity cards when on duty. Due to their nature of work, the staff has to be alert at all times. The loose identity cards make them vulnerable to an accident during the handling of any major life-saving equipment. To prevent any unfortunate incident, the medical staff is advised to have breakaway lanyard types.

It can be used by construction workers, prisons, and other such facilities where the snapping of the identity cards is a possibility.

Buying Guide for Lanyards Amid COVID-19 

COVID-19 has changed our shopping habits completely. Even though online shopping was in vogue in the pre-COVID-19 era, it evolved by leaps and bounds due to the lockdown, and social distancing conditions followed religiously.

Breakaway lanyards are an essential product that cannot be done away with. They are used to display identity cards, and thus, it must be possessed by one and all. These items were easily available during the pre-COVID-19 era in retail stores, but you can now purchase these accessories online from dedicated websites.

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And if you are wary of dull and dreary styles, these items are now available in different colors and designs to suit your requirements. You can order your breakaway lanyard in your desired fabric, color, and design to match your wardrobe.

With the option of returning the product within 30 days of purchase and all kinds of payment options, you can easily order your favorite product online with a click of a button. Feel free to go ahead and buy your breakaway lanyard from a well-known platform. Check the essential features like vinyl ID straps, badge reels, and proper circumference to wear.

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