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Byjus And A Petition Against Its Anti-Hindu History

Debunking Byjus Anti-Hindu Propaganda

By Alisha Upadhyay

A petition has been started at by Jonathan J. Crabtree where it asks the owner of BYJU’s App to apologize for its anti-Hindu propaganda. ”Say Sorry Byjus For Anti-Hindu History!” it reads and already has more than 3,000 signs.  

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What is the Petition about?

Byjus has been crediting Islamic mathematicians for exploring the concept of negative numbers. This hurts the Hindu sentiments and is being considered anti-Hindu as the origins of these numerical are from Bharat. This is not only about discrediting the Hindu mathematicians but also lack of education clarity. 

The Quote in Byjus 

“The arithmetical operations and rules for negative numbers which helped to solve mathematical problems were developed by Islamic mathematicians.” 

Byjus very easily just recycles the mistakes of British maths. The same that Indian children fear and join Byjus in the first place for. Flickr

History Behind The Numericals

Brahmagupta, the genius who documented numerical zero also documented the laws of the negative numbers along with the positive numbers. There is no Islamic history of its creation. However, they are often referred to as the Arabic numerals as it were the Arabs who spread the knowledge across the silk road amidst trade, so the Britishers called them the Arabic numerals.

But for Byjus to say the Islamics were the ones who discovered the concept not only simply discredits the Hindu Heritage but also insults the names of Hindu geniuses like Āryabhaṭa, Bhāskara, and Brahmagupta.

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As per the petitioner, Byjus very easily just recycles the mistakes of British maths. The same that Indian children fear and join Byjus in the first place for. The incorrect British manner of maths and Muslim biased narrative which is currently making Byju Raveendran rich beyond the dreams of crores of India’s children are the reasons the petition is getting such a huge response from people. You can click here to join the petition addressed to the education minister.


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