Golden dream over? California to have water rations to deal with drought



The Golden State of America, California is battling its worst drought. The worsening water crisis has forced the California Governor Jerry John Brown to impose mandatory water restrictions on the people of the state.

Including the rationing of water supplies many new steps have been taken to improve the condition. These include-mandatory water restrictions requiring residents, businesses and farms to reduce water usage by 25 per cent over the next nine months. The government has also ordered the expansive golf courses to use less water. This has happened for the first time in drought-ravaged California, which has been seen as America’s richest state.

“California has been asked  to cut usage by about 325,000 gallons,” said Brown while unveiling an emergency $1 billion spending plan to tackle the drought.

In addition, Brown’s executive order will impose significant cuts in water use on campuses, golf courses, cemeteries and other large landscapes and replace 50 million square feet of lawns throughout the state with “drought tolerant landscaping.”

A staggering 11 trillion gallons are needed for California to recover from the emergency; CNN reported citing an estimate based on NASA satellite data analysis of how much water the state’s reserves lack.