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Can a Diabetes Patient Buy Health Insurance?

Diabetics Health Insurance serves as blessings to the diabetic population of the country, understand how you can opt for health insurance for diabetes patients

As per the latest data, India has around 62 million diabetic patients. It is the disease that is capable enough to disrupt your financials. You have to keep a good amount of money to spend on tests, medicines, customized diet, doctor’s visits, and more regularly. Diabetes is categorized as a pre-existing disease and exempted from health insurance coverage for many years. But, due to a sedentary lifestyle and increased number of cases, many health insurances companies have introduced health insurance policies for diabetes as well. Diabetics Health Insurance serves as blessings to the diabetic population of the country. Let’s understand how you can opt for health insurance for diabetes patients.  

Diabetes Health Insurance

Diabetes is a chronic disorder that occurs when the pancreas produces very less or no insulin in the body. Insulin is the hormone that moves sugar from the blood into cells for storage and produces energy. It’s of three types- Type1 Diabetes, Type 2 Diabetes, and Gestational Diabetes. It can immensely damage eyes, kidneys, and liver irrespective of age. Due to the related complications, it requires continuous management and treatment. These days where the medical costs are skyrocketing, dealing with the financial impact of diabetes is equally vital. Therefore, diabetic health insurance offers a cover to diabetes patients. 

Diabetes Health Insurance Coverage

It includes expenses related to in-patient hospitalization, pre and post hospitalization expenses, provides day care treatments, domiciliary hospitalization, and preventive health check-up annually. The unique feature of this health insurance plan is that you can avail cashless treatment facility at the network hospitals. It means that if any medical complexity occurs due to diabetes, you or any of your insured family members can admit in the network hospitals and start the treatment without being worried about money.

How to Choose a Right Diabetes Health Insurance Plan?

It is a chronic disease that not only affects the pancreas but also damages the other organs of the body. Therefore, comprehensive health insurance is required so that you can avail of the best possible treatment. However, there are different health insurance companies like HDFC Ergo, IFFCO Tokio, Religare Health Insurance, ICICI Lombard, etc. that offer a plethora of health insurance for diabetes. So, here are some nifty factors that you should consider while making your buying decision. 

As per the latest data, India has around 62 million diabetic patients. Pixabay

Look for Wide Coverage– You should look for the plan that provides you wide coverage. From pre- and post-hospitalization to dialysis, daycare treatment to an ambulance cover, and ICU charges, everything should be covered under your health insurance.

Add-ons- Renowned health insurance companies like Religare Health Insurance offer add-ons like no claim bonus, reduction in a waiting period in case of pre-existing disease, OPD care, international second opinion, and so on. Check if you can enhance the coverage of your basic health insurance plan with these add-ons. 

Premium Amount- You can compare the premium amount of the health insurance plan offered by different health insurance companies. An online health insurance premium calculator is a tool available on the official website of the companies that help you to calculate the premium. So, pick the plan that gives you maximum coverage at an affordable premium. 

Read Exclusions– Exclusions are the situations/diseases/medical procedures that are not covered under health insurance policies, and you will not get a claim for the same. Therefore, you should check the exclusions list to see what diseases are not included and opt for the health insurance that has minimal exclusions. 

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Waiting Period- It is the time frame after which the coverage of the policy begins. For pre-existing diseases, like diabetes, it is for 4 years. However, you can opt for an add-on to reduce this waiting period to 2 years. So, check which health insurance companies offer this feature.

Due to a sedentary lifestyle and an increased number of cases, many health insurance companies have introduced health insurance policies for diabetes as well. Pixabay

Check Eligibility– Before you finalize the plan, you should also check the age criteria for eligibility. Some plans have specified age limits and some offer health insurance for diabetes with no age limit for enrolment. Thus, a plan with a maximum renewal age is the ideal one.

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India has become a global diabetes capital. The long working hours, lack of physical exercise, and unhealthy food habits have trigger diabetes amongst people at an early age. However, a positive approach, disease management, and Diabetics health insurance help patients to live easy with this prolonged disease.

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