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Instagram stories can provide you with several business profits. Pixabay

By Andrew Thompson

If you want to use Instagram stories like a professional, you have to watch your analytics. It is an observation that brands positively respond to those web pages that have consistently uploaded stories. Since Instagram stories are up for 24 hours, you can upload exciting content daily without worrying about overloading your followers.

Do not be intimidated by keeping up with the polished aesthetic reputation of Instagram. You can upload your phone videos and imagery in stories to attract the audience. It is a fact that even the billion-dollar companies upload from their phones and not hire a videographer.

The main idea is to give it a personal touch to strengthen the bonds with the followers. Many mobile uploads fetch likes and followers rapidly. However, you must add hashtags to your stories to make it easily discoverable to the broad audience. It will help if there is more number of hashtags as it will increase popularity. As such, you can add up to ten hashtags on stories to make it stand out in the pool of content.

Posting quality content based on the target audience helps to multiply the growth. Pixabay

Brilliant ideas to use stories on Instagram to generate business

People instinctually do not accept pushing advertisements as such Instagram stories can attract eyeballs effortlessly. Instagram stories can help you expand your base of clients. It would help if you designed your accounts to make it appear addictive and force the user to stick to it longer. You can even use this interface to get more likes.

Users inherently become curious to know what’s coming up next, so they love to click instead of exiting. As such, you can easily use stories on Instagram to lock your users and make them visit things they did not wish to initially. It is an excellent way to upgrade your brand profile.

Make announcements

As you know, you can instantly upload content on Instagram stories. It is one of the best ways to share reports related to your company. You can announce new product launches; introduce crew members, and also general happenings of your workplace. You can brilliantly use it as an opportunity to put up behind the scenes footage off your firm.

This footage might not be so important that they can find a place on your company’s official web page, but you can surely put up on stories. It will help if you put up personal insights on developments to convey your company’s human aspect.

It is a perfect way to encourage brand awareness and bring about the engagement of the customers. Putting up videos about the packaging of your latest product or even about playing a prank on your colleague could be interesting for the users to watch.

Make collaboration with popular influencers of this platform

You can smartly collaborate with relevant influencers. Try to get into partnership with those influences that would benefit and enrich your followers. You can even convert your customer into a partner, thereby making it more interesting for your other customers. Collaborating on a fun trip with an influencer can help you get a lot of attention on this interface. It would not only benefit you but also give the influencer lot of exposure, thereby producing multiple fun content.

You can even take up a question and answer interview and encourage your followers to ask questions. It would make the entire post interactive, whereby calling for action from the followers. However, before you collaborate with and influence it, evaluate how you could enrich your business through this collaboration.

Maintaining a regular connection with Instagram Influencers will help to create and manage quality content and followers. Pixabay

Present your story highlights in an appropriate manner

The introduction of the story highlights on Instagram has been a game-changer. As an entrepreneur, you should know how to utilize story highlights to inform people. Followers would know what to expect from your web page. You might as well provide information about what you do and how you do. Give information about your products or services through these highlights.

As such, you can use highlights in a fun manner to convert your Instagram web page into a business brochure. You have to even come up with Instagram covers that are mesmerizing. Your page should be full of content to keep your users engaged with the main aim of keeping them hooked to your web page and converting them into loyal customers.

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Using polls to engage users

Instead of opting for boring questionnaires for your customers, you can use polls to encourage follower interaction. Polls are an excellent way to undertake market research, understand feedback from the customer, and get to know your followers in a fun and exciting manner. There are endless ways you can use polls to deliver possible outcomes. You can even come up with relevant and creative business campaigns specific to your product to target a particular kind of demographic audience.

It would help if you encouraged client interaction on your stories to popularize your brand further. The main aim is to have a real conversation with your followers, thereby fetching brand loyalty.

(Disclaimer: The article is sponsored, and hence promotes some commercial links.)


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