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Can You Buy Hemp Flower In Wisconsin

Smoking hemp flower is a common way to take immediate advantage of its effects

By Jacob Thomson

In 2017, the state of Wisconsin became the first in the United States to unanimously pass a bill into law that created a pilot hemp program. Two years later, Governor Evers signed an expansion of the program into law. Under Wisconsin state law, residents are allowed to grow, cultivate, transport, sell, import, and export hemp flower within the state. The law defines legal “hemp” as any part of the cannabis plant that does not have a concentration of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) greater than 0.3 percent. 

In this article, we explain everything you need to know before ordering Cannaflower hemp buds online in Wisconsin.

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When Is Hemp Flower Legal in Wisconsin

The Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade, and consumer Protection are tasked with developing rules that ensure that the hemp program complies with the rules of the USDA. 

As long as retailers sell cannabidiol (CBD) hemp flower, which is non-psychoactive, rather than THC flower, they are in compliance with Wisconsin law. CBD hemp flower is created when the female cannabis Sativa plant reaches its full potential, which is marked by the potent smell of the flower thanks to terpenes that contribute to the effects produced by consuming CBD.

In Wisconsin, there are legal dispensaries where customers may legally purchase hemp flowers. Pixabay

Hemp flower does have buds when it reaches its full maturity, and they are the section of the plant that has the highest number of flavorful terpenes. When comparing hemp buds to marijuana, it is hard to make a distinction with the naked eye, even though CBD hemp buds do not contain THC.

Why Buy Hemp Flower

Smoking hemp flower is a common way to take immediate advantage of its effects. Different strains of the hemp flower will produce different effects. Research suggests higher CBD content will give the user a heightened sense of relaxation. It is also important to note that the lack of THC is what makes the clear distinction between hemp and marijuana, which is hemp’s cousin. Even though federal law still considers marijuana as a schedule 1 controlled substance, the federal government permits hemp flower in all states as long as strict THC restrictions are in place that keep the concentration below 0.3 percent.

In Wisconsin, there are legal dispensaries where Hemp flowers are for sale and customers may legally purchase hemp flowers. Both novice and experienced smokers have much to choose from depending on how strong they desire their effects to be. Wisconsin law also requires that all products be properly labeled with all cannabinoid information that would be valuable to consumers, such as the percentage of CBD content. Consumers can validate whether or not the product they have purchased is legal by visiting the disclaimer pages of the website of the dispensary.

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Wisconsin dispensaries also make it clear that the information that they provide to consumers is intended to replace the medical advice of their health care professionals. If a consumer suspects that they are suffering from a condition that may be alleviated by using hemp flower, they are advised to first ask their doctor if it is a good idea for them.

How Much Does Hemp Flower in Wisconsin Cost

CBD hemp flower in Wisconsin is sold in quantities ranging from one gram to 28 grams, which equals a full ounce. Prices for CBD hemp flower is usually lower than marijuana on the legal market due to demand not being quite as high. The content of CBD in the flower is usually around 20 to 30 percent. CBD extract contains percentages as high as 99 percent, which is meant for users who desire much more potent effects. Even with this high potency, the effects do not result in impaired cognition and motor skills, which is seen with flowers containing THC.

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