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Candid pictures of PM Narendra Modi and Prakash Javadeker while planting a ‘Kadamb’ sapling


By NewsGram Staff Writer

It’s said that images speak a thousand words. World Environment Day 2015 is passé; however, its images will always enliven those ‘happy’ moments.

To keep intact those happy moments, NewsGram decided to give you a glimpse of what India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the Union Minister for Environment and Forests, Prakash Javadekar, were up to yesterday!


A matter of pride: Prime Minister encouraged people to plant trees in the coming season of Monsoon and added that planting trees should always be a matter of pride. (Well, we second you Mr. PM!)


Being in sync with Mother Nature: The Prime Minister said that living in harmony with nature is the only way to ward off calamitous situations on Mother Earth.


The traditional touch: PM Modi also put a matka (traditional earthen pot) along with the sapling. In Indian culture, placing a matka near a plant represents water conservation and ensures that the sapling has regular water supply.


Remembering a poetess: Mr. Modi also recalled a poem penned by Subhadra Kumari Chauhan while planting the sapling.

यह कदंब का पेड़ अगर माँ होता यमुना तीरे। 
मैं भी उस पर बैठ कन्हैया बनता धीरे-धीरे।।

This simple yet moving poem is about a child’s desire to climb a tree on the river bank and play a flute to surprise his mother.

Images Courtesy: PIB

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