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Cadillac Unveils a Photo of What You Would Call its First Electric Car

As much as Mercedes-Benz came in to offer some stiff competition, it remains one of the best luxury brands in the market

Electric cars are gaining more and more popularity in India and are sure to see a boom in their sales and production in the coming future. Photo: M. Rittgerott
Cadillac Unveils a Photo of What You Would Call its First Electric Car. VOA

This Sunday, Cadillac unveiled its first electric car. It also said that it would be General Motor’s leader in both launching and designing electric vehicles onwards. Mary Barra, GM CEO said that Cadillac would be known for its tremendous innovation.

Cadillac’s aim

Mary Barra said that Cadillac taking the lead in innovation and technology would make Cadillac the leader as it previously was. She said this at a media event which was hosted in Detroit where the vehicle was shown, along with a new Cadillac 3-row SUV, the XT6.

In as much as General Motors has the Chevrolet Bolt, which is also an electric vehicle (EV), Barra said that they’d allow Cadillac take the lead which is a brand label making it “next level.” Reporters had access to a photo of the new EV. However, the company did not give launch details or anything more.

Features of the EV

The Cadillac will be the first EV to create a future platform for other GM vehicles that will be able to accommodate front and rear wheel vehicles as well as all-wheel across its four brands. Cadillac will benefit from various body styles.

What is notable about this EV is the drive units and battery cells. They will both be designed for maximum usability across all the four brands. Every client has different battery system needs; therefore, the EV battery systems will have an option to adjust depending on the particular client or vehicle needs.

The plan is that Cadillac has just opened a world of opportunities for GM and it will be the forefront to other EVs in the future.

GM said that the new XT6 would be built in Spring Hill, Tennessee. The Cadillac EVs building location is still not yet definite as GM’s spokesperson said they are not discussing on production location as yet.

On an earlier report, in November, GM had said it would idle five of its plants in North America, three of which were assembly plants. The first plant is in Lordstown, Ohio where the Chevrolet Cruze is built, another in Detroit-Hamtramck where the Chevrolet Volt hybrid is made. The third plant is in Oshawa, Ontario.

When asked if the Lordstown or Detroit-Hamtramck plant would be fit for the EV product, Mary said that they first had to make GM’s capacity utilization. She further stated that they were working hard to create job opportunities for all the affected employees due to the closure of the three assembly plants.

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electric car
Electric Car (Representational image).

Mary also pointed out that GM has 2,700 open jobs in plants such as those in Spring Hill, Arlington, Texas, and Flint. The good news is that, of the 700 affected workers at Lordstown and Detroit- Hamtramck have all been placed in other GM plants.

The Cadillac EV will be a crossover-kind of a vehicle. Steve, the president of Cadillac, said that the car is expected to meet customer needs all over the world and become the heart of the crossover industry. The EV is a symbol of luxury and innovation as it is expected to make Cadillac become a household name as it was before.

Since the EV has no launch date, its name and any additional details will be defined as the launch draws near.

Cadillac is not here to joke, it plans on rolling out a new vehicle after every six months all through to 2021. They are not here to play certainly. There are plans of an Escalade and a performance sedan.

Cadillac’s History

Cadillac was formed out of Henry Ford’s second failed company. When Henry Ford's company called Henry Leland, who was a machinist to assess the firm’s assets for the planned sale. Leland, after assessment, convinced them to stay in business. He gave them the idea of combining Ford’s chassis with a single-cylinder engine. This is how Cadillac Car Company came into existence in 1902. Leland then introduced the company’s first Cadillac which going for $850 at the New York Auto show in 1903.

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The first year, Cadillac put out almost 2,500 cars following Leland’s motivation by intense competition from Henry Ford. William Durant, founder of GM then persuaded Leland to sell Cadillac. He acquired the company for $4.5 million worth of GM stock in 1909.

After three years, Cadillac had introduced the world’s first ever electric self-starter which was developed by Charles F. Kettering.

In 1954, it was the first auto company to provide automatic windshield washers as some of the standard equipment in all their vehicles.

As much as Mercedes-Benz came in to offer some stiff competition, it remains one of the best luxury brands in the market.

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electric car
Electric Car (Representational image).

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Why choose an electric car?

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There are some reasons due to which you will be convinced to buy an electric car from the list of best Kijiji Cars for sale. Some of them are described below:

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What is its future?

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Electric Car
It is believed that the electric car will be fast enough so that it will cover the larger distances.

Thought of engineers

The main focus of the engineers is to make the cars in the future that will prove to be beneficial than the cars that have manufactured before. They usually want to enhance the technology to an extent so that the whole world will wonder. It is to tell you that all the engineers and the people who are expert in this field, they believe that electric car is the future which simple means that in the near future people will prefer to buy an electric car when they have a list of Kijiji Cars for sale.

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It will enhance the technology

It is believed that the electric car will be fast enough so that it will cover the larger distances in comparatively less time as we can take the example of the electric train which is considered as the fastest source to travel. The motor that is fitted in the engine has the high-density battery, that will also cost less, and you don’t need to be worried about the fuel or diesel.

It is suggested you get Honda accord because it is considered to be the best choice that you can make if you want to get the best features because this car is hybrid and uses batteries as compared to the conventional vehicles that use petrol or diesel. You will be highly satisfied when you will cover a large distance at the most affordable rate.