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Career Scope and Advantages of Learning email Marketing From Home

Emails allow organisations to reach new customers despite their geographical location

Email marketing always tops companies’ preference list when it comes to promoting their products and services to the target customer base because of its cost-effectiveness, reach, flexibility, and easy customisation. As per HubSpot, around 86% of professionals choose email when communicating for business purposes. Emails allow organisations to reach new customers despite their geographical location, build better relationships with existing ones through content personalisation, and increase conversion and sales. To ensure successful implementation of their email marketing strategies, organisations seek marketers skilled in analytics, strategy creation, data management, and copywriting. 

Increasing requirement of skilled email marketers in organisations

Companies want their mailer campaigns to be interesting and unique every time. To do this, companies hire email marketers who strategise accordingly and ensure that the brand’s voice remains constant at the same time to build the brand image, personality, and loyalty in the market. Email marketers help organisations in various ways including — 

  • Increasing the email opening rate – A low open rate of emails is disappointing and highlights that the company’s email campaigns require improvements. Professional email marketers use their creative instincts to ideate, plan, and craft brief yet engaging email subject lines that encourage the receivers to open the email and read the remaining content.
  • Creating engaging copy – Grammatically wrong, lengthy, inconsistent, and text-only copy could make companies’ efforts go in vain. Email marketers have strong copywriting skills and they can craft attention-grabbing copies as per the mood, tone, and purpose of the email. Simple and brief copy, visuals, and call to action button helps in increasing the conversions.
  • Planning responsive emails – Responsivity of an email is how easily readable it is on different devices. As more people access emails on mobiles, email marketers plan, customise, and test how the text looks on different devices like desktop and mobiles before sending it across to the audience for better user experience.
  • Targeting the segmented audience – Certain organisations produce different products and deliver unique services, and for them, it is important to segment their audience. Imagine Yamaha sending promotional emails of their musical instruments to those who only purchase from Yamaha Motors and vice versa! Sending emails to all the customers in the list without considering their preferences, location, and buying frequency can create a negative brand image leading to unsubscription.
  • Using analytical skills – Marketers have an understanding of email analytical skills which helps them determine things such as the right set of audience, the exact time, the type of content, and the frequency of sending emails. Through analytics, they read engagement related data and improvise their strategies accordingly. 

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Learning email marketing virtually 

There are very few courses that dedicatedly focus only on teaching email marketing concepts. Those who aim to develop detailed online marketing knowledge should ideally enrol in digital marketing training. After enrolling, individuals could learn to create effective email campaigns while developing an understanding of how to reach more customers. The course gives a detailed knowledge of email marketing benefits, creating email campaigns with Mail Chimp, best practices of gathering mail ids, A/B testing of mailers, and avoiding spamming. Apart from email marketing, In such trainings, individuals would be able to learn concepts like web analytics, mobile marketing, SEO, search engine marketing, advertising, and social media marketing. 

Email marketing always tops companies’ preference list when it comes to promoting their products and services to the target customer base because of its cost-effectiveness, reach, flexibility, and easy customisation. Pixabay

Online trainings have various benefits for those who aim to learn affordably. Managing multiple tasks a day is getting tougher due to hectic college or work schedules. Learning email marketing virtually is just a matter of investing 1-2 hours daily for a period of 4-6 weeks. Without travelling to a physical university classroom or coaching institute, one can enrol in a digital marketing course and can develop knowledge of in-demand marketing concepts. After taking lessons through interactive videos, one can practice and implement the learnt skills through various exercises, quizzes, assignments, and an industrial project. The training is also packed with pre-placement assistance, expert support, and a certificate to validate the training for students’ prospective employers. 

Job role and career opportunities for email marketers

Email marketers work to promote the company’s offering to the customers and make sure that their campaigns align with the marketing strategies being used on other channels. They strategise and design email campaigns, build or buy email lists, design layouts, secure the email databases, identify the audience and segment lists, create and proofread copy, test the emails for optimisation on different devices, perform split tests A/B, monitor the performance of their campaigns, and analyse the campaign output. 

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Email marketing is an affordable marketing feature through which companies could benefit exponentially. Therefore, approx every industry, whether it is transport, education, telecommunication, healthcare, food etc., require professional email marketers to keep their target customers informed. Industries such as hospitality, retail, event management, and fashion are the hotspots for email marketers to find a lucrative job in. Skilled and trained email marketing professionals can work in various roles such as email strategist, email designer, email quality assurance specialist, email copywriter, and email optimiser. They can independently work as a freelancer for different companies or can have their own marketing agency. 

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