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Carpet Making In India Has Evolved Since Its Inception

The traditional Persian style carpets have been blended with Indian art and architecture

Carpet making is an ancient craft that was introduced in the 16th century during the reign of the Mughal Emperor, Akbar. The weavers that were made to travel down from Persia, brought with them the intricate art of hand-knotting carpets and passed their skills down to the craftsmen in India. Thus, India was introduced to the first carpet-making process and Persian-style carpets. Over the years, the carpet weaving process and style has evolved with respect to unique style spread over the Indian subcontinent with each area having its own style.

Angelique Dhama, Chief Marketing Officer, OBEETEE highlights the progress that carpet making in India has witnessed since its inception.

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*Traditional carpets: Mughal carpets were rich in color and design that were made using the Handknotting technique. The quality of a hand-knotted carpet is determined by the number of knots per square inch — a higher density indicates a superior piece that can accommodate more intricate patterns.

Carpet making in India
The carpet weaving process and style has evolved. Pixabay

*Theme Inspired carpets: The traditional Persian style carpets have been blended with Indian art and architecture. Not only this, the inspirations for the carpets are created in conjunction with trend forecasts, color schemes, and thematic explorations. With the carpet industry gaining popularity in north India, the carpets have taken inspiration from the art and culture of the region. Ever since they have flourished, they are renowned for their high spirited colors and geometric motifs.

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*Recreation of traditional carpets: These carpets are made using modern techniques like Hand tufting and Hand screening that combines punching strands of wool using a hand-operated tool into a canvas that is stretched on a frame. Due to increased demands and the need for a more expeditious turnaround. There was a need for a more commercially viable product. Handtufted carpets that are quicker to manufacture and easier to weave (tufted) were discovered and started being used widely in most institutional spaces.

*Designer carpets — The top creative talents of the country are now exploring carpets as their canvas. Bringing in talents from other industries like Art and Fashion is opening new avenues. With their exquisite designs, differentiating patterns and colors that define the rich heritage and beauty of India are now been showcased in carpets across the globe. The popular weaving technique used are Handknotted and HandTufted, depends on the design requirement. (IANS/SP)



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