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Carrom was invented in India and has been very popular among all age groups.

By Rajnish

Are you a fan of carrom games? Are you facing problems understanding the carrom foul rules? Are you aware of how carrom foul rules work?

These solutions will help you navigate through the various difficulties if you're facing any of these problems. Carrom, an indoor game, was invented in India and has been very popular among people of all age groups. Carrom has many similarities to billiards, so you could say that carrom is part of the billiard family tree. Carrom has been enjoyed for many generations in many countries, including Pakistan, Srilanka Bangladesh, Nepal, South Asia, and Saudi Arabia. It became very popular after the end of World War 1. It is a great indoor game because of its easy rules and regulations, and comfortable design. The game is becoming more popular than ever.

In 1988, the World Carrom Federation (WCF) was established to ensure its future. Many young people today prefer to play online games. Online carrom can be played with real people via gaming platforms such as Getmega. This is a top gaming platform and here you can also play games and win real money.

  • A foul refers to a mistake or offensive move that causes the player's turn immediately to be canceled.

Close-up shot of a person's hand playing carrom A foul refers to a mistake or offensive move that causes the player's turn immediately to be canceled.Unsplash

Some of the important Carrom Foul Rules

Carrom is unlike any other game in that it has some penalties and foul rules. Understanding these rules is crucial for any player. If he or she cannot understand the carrom foul rules, it will be very difficult for them to win the game. These rules will help you better understand the game.

  1. Basic Foul Rule
  • A foul refers to a mistake or offensive move that causes the player's turn immediately to be canceled.
  • This will allow an opponent to place the disk in a way that suits him or her.
  • It will be considered a foul if a player catches the striker. It is one of the basic carrom foul rules.
  • Different disks can be used to give an advantage to your opponent.
  • A strike by a player will result in any piece, disk, or striker being pushed beyond the board boundary. This is a foul.
  • If one player takes the disk of his opponent.
  • If a player hits the final disk before pocketing the queen, then also it is a foul.
  • If a player is unable or unwilling to take the next disk, the queen must be returned to the center to continue playing.
  • Talking to a partner during a game is considered communication.
  • If a player violates the rule of striking at any stage of the game.
  • A foul is when a player tries to move or misplace a disk after the game has started. The striker is the only player allowed to touch.
  • A player who fails to reach a breaking point three times (first strike) is considered a failure.
  1. Technical Carrom Foul Rules
  • A foul is a violation of rules or law in the carrom game.
  • If a player commits a foul, the opponent has the advantage to place a piece or disk but the player's turn is not affected.
  • A foul will be committed if a player tries to commit an offensive act during both his turn and when it is not his turn.
  • A penalty or other punishment can be imposed on a player who makes a mistake.
  1. Standard Carrom Foul Rules
  • Fouls will be assessed if a player hits a disc below the baseline.
  • A foul will be committed if a player hits the disk directly that is not placed in their diagonal arrow.
  • A penalty will be applied to players who break any of the rules of carrom.
  • Foul penalties will be assessed to any player who uses his or her position in a solitary game.


Carrom is a game of finger and it has few similarities with billiards. A foul by a player, if there is not a disk in his or her pocket, will result in a penalty. The difference between a billiards game and a carrom game is that in billiards balls are used and in a carrom game smaller disks are used to play. Carrom boards are made of wooden boards that have a variety of markings and differ according to their size and model. Before starting playing a carrom game, a player needs to understand carrom rules along with carrom foul rules.

In order to win in a carrom game, it is important to fully understand the game. The carrom foul rules will remain pending until the player pockets any disk. Online and offline, you can learn some styles and tricks. You should check out Getmega, a popular online gaming platform where you can play different games and win real money.

(Disclaimer: This is a sponsored article and contains some commercial links.)



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