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Casino Games Popular with Indian Gamblers

However, the one denominator in all states that allow gambling is the fact that gamblers in India seem to have a penchant for the same types of casino games

Casino Popular with Indian Gamblers. Pixabay

India is a large country and what you find in one part of the country may on occasions be totally different from what you may find in another part of India. This is more so true when you consider gambling legislation in the country. As formulating laws for gambling is a state requirement rather a central government requirement, some states allow gambling while some states are totally against gambling. However, the one denominator in all states that allow gambling is the fact that gamblers in India seem to have a penchant for the same types of casino games.

Popular in the West, roulette is also popular in the east, most notably in India. Many gamblers in India prefer playing roulette. The reasons behind are not really clear but one may not rule out the seemingly simple nature of roulette which draws most people to play it. For casino beginners, roulette seems to be the game of choice as one does not need a certain degree of skill to start playing it. In India, however, roulette is not just a game for the beginners, it is a game for everyone, beginners and regulars included. Gamblers in India do not just restrict themselves to playing roulette at land-based casino resorts, they
also enjoy online roulette playing on the desktop or on mobile devices in the comfort of their homes.

Representational image. Pixabay

Another game that draws a number of gamblers in India to the casino is blackjack. Blackjack or as it also called in India, Twenty-One is a game that requires a degree of skill. This then means it’s different from roulette, a game gamblers can play even without prior knowledge of the game. The reasons behind the popularity of blackjack in India are not clear, seems different gamblers have their own reasons for playing the game. However, despite the multiplicity of the reasons, one seems to stand apart and that is blackjack’s moneymaking powers. Blackjack is regarded by most gamblers to be the game that pays out the most. This is to say that gamblers when they opt for blackjack, they are not necessarily looking for entertainment but rather, they are looking for profits.

Craps may not have a huge following in the West but that is different when you come to India. In India, craps is one of the most popular casino games. It’s not really difficult for one to see the reason behind the popularity of the game in India. In days gone by, people (men) in India used to play a traditional Indian game which resembles craps at public gatherings or when they were out and about meeting friends and socialising. This game was played for fun mostly though others did play the game for profit. With the advent of casinos in the country, gamblers were quite happy to realise that a game very much like the game they used to play was also on the casino games menu. This then meant that they would continue rolling the dice but this time, not only for fun but for profit.

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Best Casinos In India

In areas like Goa, there are quite impressive gambling establishments, which can provide a pretty good idea as what the future holds.

Casino Popular with Indian Gamblers. Pixabay

Gambling is hugely popular all around the world, especially in the form of casinos. People love nothing more than heading down to their favourite land-based casinos to try their luck on slot games, blackjack, poker and roulette. Nowadays, we have all heard and might have visited Las Vegas and Macau; two of the best places to experience the best casinos have to offer. In fact, there is arguably little to choose from between the two renowned places. With regards to India, gambling is currently restricted to certain regions. In spite of this gambling in this part of the world is still is a popular form of entertainment and has a growing following. So much so, that some believe, it won’t be long before we see casinos and gambling being allowed across the country; especially when taking into account revenues that will be realised through taxation and licensing.

Right now, in areas like Goa, there are quite impressive gambling establishments, which can provide a pretty good idea as what the future holds, if indeed gambling is allowed to flourish. We have taken the liberty of highlighting a few of the best that everyone needs to visit in India right now.

We’re all very familiar with gambling websites and online casinos, where you can do anything from betting on sports events. Pixabay

Deltin Royale

The Deltin Royale is by far and away one of India’s finest, largest and most luxurious casinos. It’s a must visit venue for a reason, with gaming taking place on three levels. Whether slots or table games are your thing, your needs will be catered for, with 850 gaming positions inside the casino. Visitors will also be able to treat themselves to some fine dining, while also being able to enjoy fine wines and single malts. This place is more than just a casino, with plenty of shows, including stand up comedy, taking place on a regular basis.

This place is more than just a casino. Flickr

Casino Mahjong

Casino Mahjong is a venue with plenty to offer its visitors. It was set up by three entrepreneurs from Gangtok and aims to provide gamblers with that sweet feeling of triumph associated with winning. It’s actually one of the most famous casinos in India, spread across 7,000sqft, with 15 live gaming tables available to play at. They also offer a private poker room which sports 7 tables, with VVIP gaming and state-of-the-art slot games on offer too. Visitors will also find themselves entertained by the daily performances at Casino Mahjong, as the venue goes that extra mile to keep their players happy and entertained throughout their stay.

Mayfair Hotels & Resorts, along with Casino Mahjong support and promote responsible gambling. Flickr

Casino Pride

Casino Pride is a group of casinos within India, which are recognised as being some of the best around due to their high standard of gaming and hospitality. They currently have two five-star venues under their banner which tells you that they offer players the quality experiences they expect, every time. They’ve also been awarded the award for being the best casino in India by the Indian Travel Awards too. What you’ll find at Casino Pride establishments are slots and table games, as well as local favourites such as Mang Patta and Paplu. Casino Pride is an operator who stick close to their roots, while also recognising their international connections too.

A landmark of Glory & Glamour. With five Casinos & two five stars under its banner, awarded the best casino in India by Indian Travel Awards. Flickr

Casino Pearl

Casino Pearl is one of the newest casinos in India, located in the 5-star resort of Bogmallo. It may be relatively new to the scene, but it’s already managing to cause a stir with it being one of the largest casinos in the area. They have everything a gamer casino goer could need and more, with plenty of slots, table games, live roulette, baccarat and Tai Sai. Visitors are also able to take advantage of unlimited food at the buffet, as well as unlimited drinks, making this a must visit venue for people looking to have a good time.