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No need to buy the newspaper, watch TV or use your computer, as you can read the news anytime, anywhere, right on your phone! Pixabay

Looking for the best way to read the news? With so many fake news articles being pushed into our social media feed, it is easy to be misinformed about current world events. And, with mobile devices becoming the main form of getting the news, it is important to find accurate and reliable sources of information. So, I decided to do a bit of research to find the best newspaper apps I could use on my phone or tablet. After searching through various websites, I came across a site that has a list of the best news apps. I found it to be particularly useful for writing my article, so I’ll drop the link below in case you want to check out the full list.

With so many fake news articles being pushed into our social media feed, it is easy to be misinformed about current world events. Pixabay

Best 10 Newspaper Apps

After checking out the apps on their list, I selected my top 4 favorites, which I grouped into two categories. The first group is great for finding news from multiple sources in one place. And, the second group is great if you want to enjoy the news by watching videos on your phone.

News Apps with Multiple Sources

If you want to be informed about news events from all over the world, the best way is to find news from multiple sources. Another great reason to read news from multiple newspapers is so you can read different viewpoints and craft your own opinion. The first two apps I selected compile news from hundreds of sources, so you can find everything you need in one place.

Apps: SmartNews, News Break

My first pick is SmartNews. What I really like about it is that it neatly condenses headlines from top news sources including Bloomberg, NBC News, BBC News, ABC News, CNN, and more. I also really like the interactive news map, as you can easily select a city from any part of the world and find local news with a tap. Although I like that SmartNews’ enables you to download news articles to your phone for offline reading, just remember to delete them after you’ve read them as they take up memory space on your phone.

My second pick is News Break. I like that you can personalize your newsfeed by choosing from different news categories such as Science & Technology, Breaking News, Food & Recipes, and more. I also really like that it compiles news articles from over 10,000 different sources, so you won’t miss out on anything that is going on in any part of the world. The only thing I found lacking is the text-to-speech feature, as I ran into a few bugs which made it difficult to understand what was being said. However, updates are released frequently so hopefully, they will include a fix soon.

If you want to be informed about news events from all over the world, the best way is to find news from multiple sources through news apps. Pixabay

Apps for Watching the News

Not a fan of reading the news? No problem! The next two apps I selected have video segments for the latest news coverage, so you can watch the news anytime you want. And, you still have the option to read news articles if you want to delve a bit deeper into a story.

Apps: CNN Breaking US & World News, BBC News

My third pick is CNN Breaking US & World News. I’ve found it to be a really great news app overall, as you can find everything from written news articles and video news segments to photo slideshows, in-depth stories, and more. I also like that you can watch unlimited CNN programming right on your phone by entering your cable provider information. However, CNN’s Live TV programming feature is only available within the United States. While you won’t be able to access it if you are overseas, I’ve found that there are a wide variety of news video clips you can watch anywhere you are.

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My fourth pick is BBC News. I particularly like how you can set up a personalized news feed tailored to your interests. Not only can you choose from different news categories, but you will also get news recommendations based on other articles you’ve read. I also like the fact that you can read the news, watch video segments, or listen to audio coverage, including Live BBC radio news 24-hours a day. The only thing I am not a fan of is the video ads. Thankfully, I’ve found that they don’t show up often and they are also relatively short, so you can get back to reading the news after just a few seconds.


I hope you find the newspaper apps I selected as useful as I do. Not only can you find daily news and breaking news on world events, but you can also have some peace of mind by accessing trustworthy news sources. Whether you prefer to read or watch the news, you’ll find exactly what you need. No need to buy the newspaper, watch TV or use your computer, as you can read the news anytime, anywhere, right on your phone!


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