Celebrating the Kumbabhishekam in Mauritius

Image Source: Mylaporetimes

Mauritius: The monolithic idol of Lord Venkateshwara is nearing its completion with over 80% of the construction being done for the upcoming celebrations of ‘Kumbabhishekam’.

The construction began during the last year and with an impressive budget allotment of Rs 38 crores.

Brindavan Parthasaradhi of Sri Hari Hara Devasthanam informed the media, that the event will be laid out in strict accordance with following the guidelines of ‘Agama Sastras’. He also adds that the advice of Nalluri Krishana Swamy Deekshitulu, a venerated scholar, will be sought while finalizing the date and the muhurthum.

Among the invitees, there will be TTD JEO K S Srinivasa Raju, who has provided his immense guidance for the ceremony, Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu, Union Minister Venkaiah Naidu and, of course, Prime Minister Narenda Modi.

‘Kumbabhishekam’ or Samprokshanam is a temple ritual which is generally held in South India. During the event, the devotees chant prayers and pour water over the vimana and the gopuras of the temples.

The word ‘Kumbabhishekam’, is derived combining two Sanskrit terms of ‘Kumbha’ meaning pot and ‘Abhishekam’ meaning anointment.

When the structure of the high lord will be completed, it will stand tall at about 108 feet. (Input from agencies)