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7 Bollywood Celebrity Lehenga to Flaunt in the Upcoming Wedding Season

Excited for the upcoming wedding season? Take inspiration from these Bollywood divas and their styles!

Celebrity Lehengas
Wear Celebrity Lehengas for your special day. Instagram.

New Delhi, October 23, 2017: The wedding season is knocking the doors and you must be excited to flaunt your best at the occasion. This time present yourself in the beautiful lehengas worn by Bollywood actresses and look gorgeous to make your evening a memorable one.

Look stunning like Deepika and enjoy the charming attention of all. Brace it with an exquisite piece of kundan jewellery to add up  the radiance. 

Celebrity Lehengas
Deepika rocks the show in this navy blue royal lehenga. Instagram.

Dazzle your wedding evening with this celebrity lehenga of Kareena Kapoor’s. A messy hairdo and matte lipstick will give you an awesome look. 

Celebrity Lehenga
This Wedding Lehenga of Kareena Kapoor is just superficial. Instagram.

Get the angelic look similar to the gorgeous Sonam Kapoor. Use minimalistic jewellery to add authencity to the attire.

Celebrity Lehengas
Sonam Kapoor in Abujani Sandeep Khosla gown. Instagram.

Get the classy chic look in this floral piece adored by Shraddha Kapoor. Pair the attire with wine red shade on your lips to enhance the look.

Celebrity lehengas
Shraddha Kapoor in Floral attire at a fashion show concert. instagram

Dia Mirza ensembles this studded lehenga over a rose braided bun and nude lipstick

Celebrity Lehengas
Dia Mirza looks ethereal in this blue shiny gown. Instagram.

Look enticing like Alia Bhatt in this off white lehenga with a crop top or embroidered blouse for the wedding evening.

P.S: A high bun will work wonders on this outfit

Celebrity Lehengas
Alia Bhatt flaunting the gorgeous look. Instagram.

Get that hot and sexy look like Kriti Sanon if you are one of the besties of the Bride-Groom. This off shoulder green lehenga should be paired with beaded chandbali and minimal makeup.

Celebrity Lehengas
Kriti Sanon in turquoise green crop top looks ravishing. Instagram.

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Pre- Nuptial Agreement, Marriage, Wedding
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