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I Think When You Do Charity, There is Nothing to Lose: Vir Das

The show that released on August 21, is billed as unique and unscripted

Comedian-actor Vir Das says the idea of helping people through his craft of comedy always lets him be in a win-win situation.

Vir Das has released his latest fundraiser show “Inside Out” on his YouTube channel. He says the effort has given him an opportunity to reach out to frontline workers who risk their lives to fight Covid, as well as people who are often marginalised — like the aged.

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“I think when you are doing something for charity, there is nothing to lose. I never intended to do the show in a proper show format. The whole show has developed very organically, from the basic question, ‘what will you do the first thing once the lockdown is over?’ It is a charity special in which we are bringing people together to contribute a minimum of Rs 30. It will amount to something good, will help some people! It is a win-win!”

he told IANS.

The show that released on August 21, is billed as unique and unscripted.

“While scripting the final of it, I was feeling free as the content is honest and it comes from the audience. The fun is coming from the answers of the audience when they are asked what will they do. People were candid, some were vulnerable while others were just opening up while talking to me. That way, it is real,” said the comedian.

Vir Das: There's nothing to lose when you do charity
“During the lockdown, I was privileged enough to stay safe, but not everyone was”, Vir said. Pinterest

So, was there any weird or mad answers? Vir promptly replied: “Yes bro! I have to tell you, every five minutes I would get one of those crazy answers! Like, people would say they want to have sex, meet their partners, want to do drugs, they want to make-out, get married! Some would also say that they want to meet their parents, but overall I think this lockdown affected all of us. Their answers were a reflection of that! I would say that it was a privilege to let into people’s lives that way!”

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“I genuinely believe that privilege is something that I should pass on. You should share privilege. During the lockdown, I was privileged enough to stay safe, but not everyone was. That was the basic thought behind the charity show,” he further added.

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Why did he opt for YouTube rather than an OTT platform, as he did for his earlier shows? “It is more inclusive when it is released on YouTube. A section of the population may or may not have subscription to OTT, but they would have access to a free platform like YouTube and the heart to donate thirty rupees,” he reasoned. (IANS)



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