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Find Out about China’s Vile Plans and Its Ties With Harvard

Harvard University is the most loved and go-to University for Chinese President Xi Jinping, find out about the ties between China and Harvard

Even though many might find this strange however what is about to be revealed in this article might blow your mind. Harvard University is the most loved and go-to University for Chinese President Xi Jinping. You may ask how one made this conclusion, however, Harvard is from where his beloved daughter studied. Xi Mingzhe, the only daughter of Jinping and affectionately alluded to as the Princess of China went to Harvard for her graduation.

Xi Mingzhe was enrolled at Harvard University under a pseudonym which was ensured by protectors consistently. She was guarded by personal bodyguards at all times when there. She did her college degree and afterward came back to finish her post-grad education. Mingzhe was the motivation behind why Xinping began a romance with Harvard University. After all, What does China do when the little girl of its most powerful political figure is infatuated with her way of life in the US? Without a doubt, a couple of protectors isn’t sufficient to secure their President’s little girl. Thus, China does what it specializes in! China begins flushing cash into Harvard University.

Because of his little girl, Chinese President Xi began frequenting the University. At times the visits were private yet now and then it was an official issue. He turned out to be closely associated with Harvard University President Lawrence Bacow and his significant other, Adele Fleet Bacow. Since the Chinese can’t take care of business any longer, they have supposedly gone to Indians to work for them. Indian Communists have consistently been thoughtful to the Chinese yet have never got any significance. Be that as it may, post Covid-19 situations have changed.

China now needs Indian socialists. Essentially, the Chinese carefully select socialists from various nations and put them in places of intensity at organizations that they control in a roundabout way. For Example, rules were mocked to make Tedros the Director-General of WHO, China helped put this man-in-charge Charge of the WHO. Evidently, India is a piece of a worldwide Chinese enlistment program that ropes in researchers, columnists, and understudies from over the world and afterward carries them to the US. Supposedly, the individual communist eco-frameworks are acting like ability spotters and facilitators.

Chinese President Xi
Chinese President Xi began frequenting Harvard University. At times the visits were private yet now and then it was an official issue. WikimediaCommons

Recent news stated that Harvard University was the greatest sponsor of awards and blessings from China. They received 93.7 million dollars from China. It was comprehended that easygoing endowments steered through relatives and little girls weren’t represented. The USA was found resting till the sheer volume of cash began leaving trails all over the place. When the exchanges at Harvard University we tailed many things were revealed which were almost unbelievable. In February 2020, USA pronounced that they are propelling an examination explicitly into Harvard and Yale, as they have gotten 6.5 BILLION DOLLARS FROM CHINA and UAE.

Things were crystal clear, China had understood that the world’s most splendid personalities and brilliant minds instruct there and come from this institution. Thus, it began moving toward senior resources and once more, kept a large number of dollars on the table. Certain reports and probing found out that China has a mystery enrollment program at Harvard. They paid off and enlisted senior employees, with a large number of dollars, China began re-appropriating research subjects to the resources. This ultimately meant that the lab and resources were from the US however they were basically working for Chinese interests.

A tragic incident in this regard was Charles Lieber, the seat educator of the branch of science and concoction science. He was blamed for concealing his contribution to China’s Thousand Talents Plan, a mystery socialist program. Lieber was captured by the FBI. Prof. Lieber was later sacked from Harvard University. He has been arraigned by the court for lying about getting paid off by China and participating in a communist program. Lieber, however, has asserted that he is just a victim of and not a real culprit.

All this leads one to believe China has set up its scholarly base at Harvard University directly under the nose of the USA Government. Today, Harvard University and China are joining forces on a few examination programs, including finding vaccines to fight Covid19. The researchers are US nationals, the labs and hardware are situated at Harvard University. Yet, the exploration straightforwardly benefits China. The Harvard Gazette asserts that China has given $115 million to Harvard for research on COVID19, saying that Scientists from Harvard, China to join against Coronavirus. In fact, there is the Harvard-China venture where China’s Tsinghua University (known as the Harvard of China) is straightforwardly associated with a few schools at Harvard.

Harvard University
Harvard University was the greatest sponsor of awards and blessings from China. They received 93.7 million dollars from China. WikimediaCommons


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Many researchers have found out that China has set up a SPY RING at Harvard. It sends its covert agents camouflaged as students. These government agents are explicitly prepared to take licensed innovation and examination reports from the college labs and afterward send them back to China. The U.S. has many times claimed that Chinese are spying at Harvard and Boston foundations.

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It will not entirely be wrong to say that today, researchers from Ivy League Universities in the USA are under observation for spying for China and taking protected innovation to their nation. Even though these might be claims with no proof due to international political controversies there seems to be some truth in these claims with so many arguments supporting it.



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