Chinmay Mission to conduct Hindi summer camp for young students in US


Grayslake, March 24: Chinmay Mission STARTALK, a summer hindi camp, will take place at Yamunotri Campus of Chinmay Mission, from July 18th to August 5th, 2016.

This camp is being funded by STARTALK federal grant and hence no fees are being charged for participating in the camp

With the theme “It is so cool to learn at school”, this program aims to introduce thirty six 8-10 year old students to conversational and written Hindi at novice low (proficiency) / novice mid (performance) and novice high (proficiency) / intermediate low (performance) levels.

As the outcome of the program, learners will be able to communicate in all three modes of communication, Interpersonal, Interpretive and Presentational.

CMSSHC 2016’s aim is to stimulate and enrich learners’ imaginations and make learning a new language fun through various hands on activities and use of web 2.0 technology tools. Students will be immersed in three modes of communication, as they learn to interpret instruction in culturally rich contexts (some familiar, some new), interact with the teachers and other learners while engaging in playful activities, and present their learning in the form of a brochure, documentary, poster, infomercial of their dream town.

Hindi will be used 100% of the time inside and outside the classroom.

Camp objective is to facilitate learning of Hindi through 5 C’s, communication, culture, comparison, connections and communities (taking learning beyond the classroom and becoming life-long learners).

This is a great opportunity for high-school students to perform community service and gain a valuable experience.

More information are available at their website here


  1. Pakistani Islamic origin language Hindi imposition across India needs to stop and instead all the original Indian languages should be made available across India.


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