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Right: Professor Bhashyam Swamiji inaugurating ‘Chitra Santhe’.

Mysuru, Karnataka: Mysuru hosted a wide range of colorful paintings and handicrafts on Sunday as part of ‘Chitra Santhe’ (Art-fair) organized by the Karnataka Exhibition Authority.

Right: Professor Bhashyam Swamiji inaugurating ‘Chitra Santhe’.

Beautiful paintings prepared using various mediums like Acrylic, watercolors, glass, and jute murals were exhibited. Apart from that, beautifully carved wood works, and handicraft items like bags were displayed.

Apart from local artists, artists from neighboring districts like Bengaluru, Kalburgi, Davanagere, Raichur, Mandya, and Chittradurga and from neighboring states like Kerala, Tamil Nadu, and Andra Pradesh participated in the event.

Wooden and Jute Handicrafts showcased in ‘Chitra Santhe’.

Shilpasri Handicrafts Foundation from Udupi exhibited beautiful handicrafts like bullock cart, kitchen utensils etc. made from wood. Pratyasha Nithin, an artist hailing from Uttar Pradesh, but presently staying in Mysore, displayed colorful paintings of various Gods and Goddesses, including the ten incarnations of Vishnu created in traditional Mysore style. Speaking to

Speaking to NewsGram, she said that she was participating in an art fair for the first time and she was very happy with the response.

Left: Artist Pratyasha with her artworks. Right: Visitors looking at various artworks exhibited at ‘Chitra Santhe’.

Art students from various art schools in the city, including Vaijayanti Art College, Kalaniketan, Ravi Varma School, and Chamarajendra Academy of Visual Arts (CAVA) also exhibited their works.

Speaking to NewsGram, GR Shivakumar, member secretary of the fine-arts subcommittee that organized the event, said: “This is the first time that the Dasara sub-committee is organizing the art-fair as part of various Dasara exhibition related events. We are hoping to get a good response.”

‘Chitra Santhe’ was inaugurated in the morning by Professor Bhashyam Swamiji, Principal of Government Sanskrit College, Mysuru.

Speaking after the inauguration, Swamiji said that Chitra Santhe was a great opportunity for artists to exhibit their talent to the public. The event saw an enthusiastic participation of around 40 individual artists and 4 groups of 10 artists each.


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