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How to Choose the Right Beard Trimmer for Men

Here's all you need to know about trimmers before purchasing one

A beard is an extension of your personality, and how it is groomed might affect first impressions, dates and job interviews. Beards are fashioned with some effort and toil that includes regular trimming.From bushy to short beard style, you can manage your beard easily when you have the best beard trimmer for men in hand. However, when choosing a trimmer,there are somethings that you should keep in mind.

Here are the factors that you should consider while purchasing a beard trimmer for men.

  • Length of Your Beard

There are beard trimmers that provide various options to style your beard. They have various comb sizes that allow you to trim your beard to different lengths. A beard trimmer that offers distinct comb length options will be the best choice as it will give you the freedom to style your beard to any length.

How to Choose the Right Beard Trimmer for Men
A beard trimmer that offers distinct comb length options will be the best choice, Pixabay

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  • Purpose 

A key factor to consider when buying a trimmer for men is the purpose that it will serve. Are you looking to buy a trimmer only for your beard or also for body hair? If you plan on using it for your body hair as well, then go for a body groomer that has an ergonomic design. It makes trimming body hair smooth and comfortable.

  • Cordless or Corded

There are a myriadof options in the market when it comes to cordless and corded trimmers, but both have their own set of advantages and disadvantages. If you want a cordless trimmer, then ensure you buy one that has a lithium-ion battery. However, the disadvantage of a cordless trimmer is that its battery might die mid-trim, and there is nothing worse than half-trimmed facial/body hair.You will have to recharge the trimmer and then use.

On the other hand, a corded trimmer for men gives you peace of mind since the battery cannot die mid-trim. However, the cord may take away the trimmer’s movement and freedom that is offered by cordless hair trimmers.

  • Length Settings

Depending on the length of the beard you can select the length setting option. Most trimmers come with multiple length settings. Use trimmer without comb for a zero trim look , 0.5mm to 10mm for 3 day stubble look , 11 to 20mm for a medium / long beard

  • Attachments and Blades

Trimmers for men also come with attachments to achieve different styles and lengths for beards, such as a goatee or that perfect stubble. Apart from this, the quality of the trimmer blades determines the quality of your trimming experience. While purchasing a beard trimmer for men, you should opt for a trimmer that has titanium, chromium or stainless-steel blades. It is because these blades are more comfortable and long-lasting compared to other types of blades. Beard trimmers come with different comb attachments , USB charging cable, lubricant oil and cleaning brush.

How to Choose the Right Beard Trimmer for Men
Trimmers for men also come with attachments to achieve different styles and lengths for beards. Pixabay

  • Convenience

If you are traveling for work or leisure regularly, you must buy a trimmer that is compact, lightweight and portable. Along with these, the trimmer should have a longer battery life as well.

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Choose the Best Hair Trimmer for Men

If you prefer a close trimmed stubble rather than a clean-shaven look, a trimmer is your best choice. However, keep the above factors in mind while choosing the best trimmer for men. Personal Care Appliances brands like Vega offer a wide array of men grooming appliances. Explore their trimmers for men to keep your beard looking neat and clean and stay well-groomed. These products are specially made keeping the metrosexual man of today in mind. Sogo for the best trimmer for men to get that Tony Stark look that you always wanted!

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