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Choosing A Frameless Shower Screen

A frameless shower screen is constructed out of thicker glass than standard types of shower screens and has no inner frame at all


Are you planning on installing a new frameless shower screen in your bathroom? The process may sound complicated to some, but it really isn’t. In fact, it can be a lot easier than you think. Once you understand the basics of how they work, you’ll know what to expect when the time comes to install one.

The first thing to know about the difference between frameless and semi-framed shower screens is how they look. A frameless shower screen is constructed out of thicker glass than standard types of shower screens and has no inner frame at all. Therefore, all you have are those clamps that hold the panels in place and the clear glass panels themselves. Framed versions typically do have some pieces for the frame, but most include simple clamps that hold the entire thing up.

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However, there are also frameless shower screens that have glass panels with frames inside. These types usually have a piece for the bottom of the glass, a piece for the top of the glass, and then another piece to hold the actual shower curtain in place. These types of units are much less flimsy than their standard counterparts, but they aren’t as strong. If you want to be sure that your glass shower is going to stand up to the water pressure and all of the movements you’ll be doing in the shower, you’re better off with one of these semi-framed options.

Since the frameless shower screen isn’t actually framed, you won’t need any special equipment to hang it. Simply attach the clamps and you should be good to go. The only real accessory that you’ll need is a rubber band or two to keep the glass from falling when it’s halfway open. This is important because you don’t want the glass to get too cold, which could cause damage to your shower fixtures if it’s not held in place correctly.

frameless shower screens
frameless shower screens have glass panels with frames inside. Pinterest

Like with semi-framed units, the semi-framed option has its benefits as well. For one, it eliminates the need for adding trays, which can get quite messy. Instead, all you need are the clamps that hold the shower curtain up, so you can focus more on the quality of your movement. You can even use these units in tandem with shower curtains for a unique touch. Since there isn’t a frame to support the heavier curtain, it makes for a lighter alternative that can be used in combination with a larger shower curtain.

While these units can work perfectly fine for standard size showers, they can also be used with other bathroom designs for a nice effect. The reason why a frameless shower screen would look smaller than other designs is that it does not have a top, and the sides extend down over the entire unit. If you have a rectangular-shaped bathroom, then this might be the perfect unit for your bathroom design needs.

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However, if you have a little bit of space in front of your tub but want the same style of enclosure that you’d get from a semi-framed unit, then the semi-framed option may be your best bet. It’s important to note, though, that there are different types of frames for your shower screens. The two most common are the toughened and the tempered glass. Tempered glass is designed to be stronger than regular glass, which is why it’s often used for things like car doors. Traditionally, the toughened variety was the one that was used in homes, but in recent years companies have begun producing a semi-tempered option that is just as strong but still durable enough for use in a shower screen.

Of course, no matter what type of frameless shower screen you choose, you will still be able to enjoy all of the benefits that these showers have to offer. They include a more open design, which allows you to wash hands and hair in privacy without the worry of someone else looking in on you. Also, many people enjoy these showers because they have a modern appearance and don’t take away from the overall appearance of a bathroom. They don’t have the sharp lines of some traditional showers, and they’re generally much easier to clean because they don’t have the corners that some traditional units do. Overall, these screens can be a great option for anyone who is looking for an easy, clean look for their bathroom showers.

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