Chuck Brushes to Apply Make-up shares a list of items that can be used to apply make-up:

Chuck Brushes to Apply Make-up
Chuck Brushes to Apply Make-up. Pixabay

Be it washroom or dressing table or bag, make-up tools always manage to find a place — thanks to our need to apply make-up. Instead of splashing out a bomb on the tools and filling up your cabinet with numerous brushes, choose items that are easily available and are pocket-friendly too. shares a list of items that can be used to apply make-up:

– Wedge sponge: Not only are they perfect for applying foundation and concealer, they also work well to put eyeshadow.

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– Tissue: If powder is not within reach, use tissue to set make-up. Separate the tissue in half, pulling it apart, and then set the inside of the tissue on the face. The fibers from the tissue can be used to blot or as an anti-shine.

Representational image.
Representational image. Pixabay

– Cotton pad: Use circular cotton pads to apply blush.

– Toothbrush: A clean and unused toothbrush can work wonders for brow grooming and to exfoliate your lips. (Bollywood Country)


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