Clock mistaken for bomb: Boy garners massive online support

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By NewsGram Staff Writer

Texas: A 14-year-old Muslim boy was arrested on Monday and suspended from school after he brought his homemade clock to class which was mistaken for a bomb.

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Ahmed Mohamed in Irving, Texas, on Wednesday, said he’ll spend the rest of his three-day suspension from school on a search spree for ways of transfer from MacArthur High School.

In a press conference, he thanked his supporters on social media and said he planned to take the president up on his offer to visit him at the White House.

“I’m the person who built a clock and got in a lot of trouble for it,” he said in an interview aired by Fox News.

“I built the clock to impress my teacher, but when I showed it to her, she thought it was a threat to her. It was really sad that she got the wrong impression and I got arrested for it later that day.”

Ahmed was kicked off from the class on Monday and then suspended from school after taking him to a detention centre. Irving Police Chief Larry Boyd said the clock looked ‘suspicious in nature’, but there was no evidence that the boy meant to cause alarm at school. Boyd considers the case closed.

Ahmed thanked President Barack Obama, Mark Zuckerberg and countless other supporters on social media for taking his side.


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