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Cement Manufacturers’ Association Works Toward Disposal of Wastes

The Cement Manufacturers Association (CMA) on Monday expressed its commitment towards disposal of wastes and plastics and use of alternate fuels

CMA, Cement, commitment, disposal, wastes, alternate fuels
The Minister of State of Commerce and Industry, Shri Jyotiraditya Scindia addressing at the 48th annual session of the Cement Manufacturers Association. (From the archives) Wikimedia Commons

The Cement Manufacturers Association (CMA) on Monday expressed its commitment towards disposal of wastes and plastics and use of alternate fuels and raw materials.

Addressing the ‘CONSERVE 2019’ conference on alternate fuel and raw materials in the cement industry, CMA President Mahendra Singhi said: “The Indian cement industry has been able to use almost 75 million tonnes of waste as a replacement of raw materials and fuels.”

Industry veterans present at the conference said that the cement manufacturers have adequate capacity to collect wastes from other sectors and use them.

Singhi, who is also the MD and CEO of Dalmia Cement (Bharat) Ltd, added that the Indian cement sector has played an important role in the transition to a low carbon economy and is fully committed towards efficiency in terms of clean and green operations.

CMA, Cement, commitment, disposal, wastes, alternate fuels
Solid waste causes serious health and environment hazard. NGT has ordered a fine of Rs.10K for dumping solid waste in public places. Wikimedia Commons

Shailendra Chouksey, former President of CMA and wholetime Director of JK Lakshmi Cement said that the industry is glad to partner with the government in the initiative of waste management and environment conservation.

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Addressing the conference, the Department of Drinking Water and Sanitation Secretary Parameswaran Iyer said: “The cement industry is a critical partner in our goal towards the total disposal of waste and plastics.” (IANS)

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