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Everyone Keeps Talking About Proteins And Carbs, Know Why Fats Are Important Too

Consume fats
Fat is one of the three macro nutrients that supply calories to the body.

New Delhi, October 18: Made up of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen, fats are organic compounds, belonging to a group of substances called lipids. Consume fats as they are good for your body but being mindful of the kind of fat you’re consuming is important. Fats come in both liquid and solid form and are a source of energy in foods.

Fat is one of the three macronutrients (along with protein and carbohydrates) that supply calories to the body. When your body runs out of carbohydrates to fuel itself, it starts using calories from fats to sustain itself.

Following changes can bring the benefits of fats with less worry

  • Carefully look at the food labels and check how much trans-fat is present
  • Start using oils in place of solid fats. Fry using olive oil rather than using butter; for any baking use canola oil
  • In place of meat, eat mackerel and salmon two times a week to get omega 3 fatty acids
  • Avoid saturated fats like cheese, mayonnaise, creams and start consuming avocados, walnuts, pistachios, flax seed, etc. Be mindful of what kind of fats you’re consuming. Consume fats of the Monounsaturated and Polyunsaturated family to get the benefits.

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Fats perform functions which are vital for our body

 Consume Fats To Absorb Vitamins

Vitamins A, D, K, and E, known as fat-soluble vitamins, cannot be absorbed and stored without the assistance of fat. These vitamins improve our vision, absorb calcium, and help with blood clotting. It is important that we must have enough fat in our body so that we don’t become deficient in any of these vitamins. Consume fats to keep your vision and absorption of calcium right.

 Maintains Body Temperature

Fat cells insulate our body and maintain normal body temperature. Fat cells are stored in adipose tissue which is not always visible but can be seen if you are overweight. You may notice an abundance of adipose tissue around your thighs and stomach.

 Gives Energy

The body needs to function and in order to do that it requires energy. When it doesn’t get energy from carbohydrates, it turns to fat stores to fuel all its function. When a cell is in need of energy, a complex chemical process releases the fat from fat cells and converts it to usable fuel.

Consume fats

Consume Fats To Keep Your Skin and Hair Healthy

Fat aids in absorbing the increased amount of vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin D through the bloodstream. Dry and flaky skin, therefore, is an indication of a deficiency in fatty acids.

Monounsaturated and Polyunsaturated fats are considered healthy for heart and help in reducing risks of cardiovascular disease and stabilize cholesterol levels. It is advisable that one must consume the aforesaid fats in place of trans-fatty, saturated, and hydrogenated fats.

– prepared by Siddheshwar Sharma. Twitter: @MancSiddheshwar

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Report Says Majority Of Indians Mix Fats, Sugars In Their Diet

The reason for which combinations of fats and sugars are so incredibly unhealthy is the fact that these two compounds are seldom found together in nature

Report Says Majority Of Indians Mix Fats, Sugars In Their Diet
Report Says Majority Of Indians Mix Fats, Sugars In Their Diet. Pixabay

One of the first rules of nutrition is to never mix fats and sugars because this contributes to obesity. However 70 per cent of Indian mix both in their diet, says a report by The Food Analysts.

A study conducted by WhatsApp-based nutrition service concluded that up to 70 per cent of Indians mix fats and sugars, regularly as part of their diet. This ever increasing trend has been largely brought about by the growing consumption of fast food items like burgers with cold drinks and pizzas, although processed and heavily refined foods are just as culpable.

The reason for which combinations of fats and sugars are so incredibly unhealthy is the fact that these two compounds are seldom found together in nature, said a statement.

Intramuscular fat is difficult to get rid of because of its hidden nature as it is spread within the muscles of your body. It contributes to insulin resistance, a key cause of Type 2 Diabetes. Increased inflammation, reduced recovery from training, and decreased strength are all side effects of a regular diet of this type, as is hyperphaegia -the endearing desire to eat more food.

Representational image.
Representational image. Pixabay

Studies have also revealed the correlation between the hyperphagic and weight-promoting effects of a sugar-fat diet when compared to a diet that comprises either fats or sugars individually.

It’s worth noting that this does not apply to low GI carbs (which are complex in nature) when combined with fats. Low GI carbs do not cause a spike in blood sugar unlike High GI carbs which are simple in nature. The latter cause a sudden spike of sugar in the blood and thus releasing insulin in an disorganised pattern which creates an environment that deposits fats.

Reflecting on the content of his Company’s report, Veer Ramlugon, Founder and CEO of The Food Analysts said: “While many who’ve read our report are resigned to the idea that India’s incidences of lifestyle diseases will only increase given the growing economy and rising wages, I’m very optimistic.”

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“The problems we see today, while serious, are not insurmountable and educating people about the very basics of nutrition will be significant tool in fighting unhealthy eating habits, particularly fat-sugar combinations.

“I see this issue as one brought about by a lack of awareness about the basics of nutrition that needs to be addressed…If we’re to win the battle against unhealthy eating habits in our country, we first need to know that we’re in a fight to begin with,” added Ramlugon. (IANS)