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Coolest Places to Visit in the United States

With almost every turn having a famous site, New York City is a must-see for any tourist

United States
It can be difficult when you have to plan where and what to see when you are on vacation in the United States, as there are a lot to see and places to visit. Pixabay

The United States, filled with significant sites that are a must-see, world-class cities that are monumental, some for fun and glamour, some for history, while some are representatives of both fun and history. It can be difficult when you have to plan where and what to see when you are on vacation in the United States, as there are a lot to see and places to visit. Deciding on where to visit in the US is entirely based on preference and interest, but here is a list of some sites that you should try to see when you are in the States:

  • The Grand Canyon 
  • Houston 
  • New York City
  • Las Vegas 
  • Waikiki
  • Boston
  • Miami, Florida

The Grand Canyon

With an endless horizon over the walls of the canyon and an immeasurable depth, the site will blow your mind, and is one of the major sites to visit in the United States, and it has been a significant attraction to tourists for generations. It is the main highlight of any trip to the United States.


Do you need a unique place for a family vacation, friends’ getaway, or a couple’s vacation? Houston is the place for you. With direct flights from all parts of the United States and Canada, Houston, well known for its amazing and praiseworthy cuisines, is a great place to cruise through. You get to see compelling sites like the Houston Space Center and the Buffalo Bayou in the Buffalo Bayou Park.

New York City

With almost every turn having a famous site, New York City is a must-see for any tourist. Walking through the streets of New York is like walking through a movie set, with places like the Empire State Building, the Chrysler building, Rockefeller plaza, Central Park, Time square, 5th Avenue, and the Statue of Liberty. With a lot to do and see, New York is a city where you can visit repeatedly. 

Las Vegas 

With an extensive collection of fun sights and spots, the scintillating city in the desert has been an attraction spot to tourists for many years. With lots to see and do all year round for different types of people, from newly wedded who want to say their vows, to families and friends that what to chill in exotic suites. 


Located in the Hawaiian island of Oahu, in the suburb of Honolulu, famous for its golden sands and beach that stretch to the hotel and back to the oceanfront. Rated as one of the world’s best beaching destinations, Waikiki is the place to be when you need to hit the beach waves and surf at any time. 

United States
The United States, filled with significant sites that are a must-see, world-class cities that are monumental, some for fun and glamour, some for history, while some are representatives of both fun and history. Pixabay


One of the great cities of the northeast, Boston is a site that many tourists are going to love. Enrich yourself in Boston’s great history with a tour of Fenway Park and exciting Boston Brewery Tours, then rest your head in one of Boston’s best hotels, Westin Copley Place. There is so much to do in Boston, that no one in the family will be bored, like the New England Aquarium. Boston is a large city with a small-town feel.

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A city offering an atmosphere like no other city in the world, Miami has a lot of sights, like the Cuban vibe along the cable Ocho in Little Havana, the Art Deco District in Miami beach, which calls to mind the era of the 1930s, the endless array of exotic sport cars parading the ocean drive in the evening, and also the summertime beach scenes. All these and more to see, Miami is a place you want to visit.

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Find Out How Restaurant Owners Are Operating Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

Restaurants Revamp Menus, Operations to Stay in Business During Pandemic

Lucy Kwak paints a sign on the window of a fast food chain's restaurant indicating that the drive-thru window is still open as well as a takeout option during the coronavirus outbreak in Garden Grove, Calif. VOA

In the battle to keep their New York City restaurant going despite sharp restrictions during the coronavirus outbreak, the owners of Il Posto Accanto tried something Beatrice Tosti di Valminuta would have considered sacrilege in normal times.

That was offering their traditional Italian dishes for delivery, “which never, never, never, ever, ever, ever happened before,” she said. “I like my food to go from the kitchen to the table, and that’s it!”

On Friday, she said she and husband Julio Pena decided to suspend operations because employees were wary of being out in New York City, which is now the U.S. epicenter of the contagion.

“We respect their feelings,” she said. “It’s not like we were making money.”

James Mark, right, owner of the restaurant Big King, talks with Jennifer Wittlin as they prepare for dinner take-out orders Wednesday, March 25, 2020, in Providence, R.I. Mark said pushing to restart the economy before the health crisis is over would put businesses like his in a terrible position. VOA

Across the United States, restaurateurs are transforming operations to try to stay afloat. The National Restaurant Association warns that the outbreak could cost 5 million to 7 million jobs and hundreds of billions in losses and is pushing for a special federal relief package for restaurants.

In an industry of traditionally tight profit margins, some decided it’s time to take chances.

Frisch’s Big Boy restaurants, a Cincinnati-based chain that laid off more than a third of its 5,000 employees in the first days of bans on in-restaurant dining, last week pivoted into the grocery business. Besides its signature Big Boy double-decker burgers and onion rings, customers at its 100 restaurants in Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky can buy bread, milk and and produce at its drive-throughs and carryout counters and via home delivery.

Frisch’s saw a quick jump in revenues at a time when people have been frustrated by long lines and shortages at traditional supermarkets. Toilet paper is in high demand, and Frisch’s and others are using it as a lure.

Westmont Diner in Westmont, N.J., has added it to carry-out options at 60 cents a roll, along with paper towels, soap, bleach and other household needs. Lindey’s in Columbus, Ohio, throws in a free roll with all takeout orders. Frontier in Chicago gave out decks of cards to homebound customers with their carryout dinners.

Some close

With the number of states with stay-at-home orders growing, some restaurateurs decided to shut down. Cameron Mitchell, based in Columbus, said carryout offerings weren’t bringing in enough business to keep his namesake chain of 36 restaurants in 12 states going. More than 4,000 employees were laid off last week.

Some fine-dining restaurants unused to carryout are trying scaled-down menu at bargain prices.

In Chicago, patrons can now carry out food for a fraction of the typical dine-in tab at Alinea, where nabbing a seat typically requires reservations weeks in advance and dinners can cost as much as $395 per head. Alinea now offers takeout meals of beef wellington, mashed potatoes and creme brulee for $39.95, and reports strong sales so far.

Meanwhile, in Los Angeles, Mayor Eric Garcetti said Monday that with Californians under a stay-home edict, restaurants are allowed to deliver alcoholic beverages along with meals to boost their revenues.

Frisch’s Big Boy restaurant employee Nicole Cox bags up an order of toilet paper, among in-demand items including milk and bread the double-decker burger chain is now offering during the coronavirus outbreak in Cincinnati, Ohio. VOA

Sitting in the nearly empty Frisch’s “Mainliner” restaurant where the chain originated in suburban Cincinnati in 1942, CEO Jason Vaughn said customers at the privately held chain’s 100 restaurants have asked for additions, such as bottles of orange juice, quarts of soup and coffee for home. Frisch’s is trying to leverage its supply chain to accommodate requests.

Vaughn predicts the crisis will change the industry.

“People have changed habits,” he  said. “When the green light goes on, we don’t expect to come back as status quo … when we go to whatever that new norm is, we’ll see if we can continue it [groceries] if it’s a service the community wants.”

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In New York, Tosti said leftover meals would be given to city firefighters. She said the restaurant’s future after some 15 years of operation would depend on how long quarantining and edicts against in-restaurant dining lasted.

“I’m better at taking it one day at a time,” said the Rome-born restaurateur. “We can hope for a better day.” (VOA)