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Tips to Have Cooling Zones at Your Home

For your chill zone at your home

The summers are finally trickling in and as we look forward to the holiday season or even spending time at home, the summers can be quite unforgiving and it becomes that time of the year where many of us try to keep (our) cool. As the searing heat blankets the entire country, there is a desire to just remain in a cool zone of your home that is relaxing and comfortable.

With the mercury soaring above 40 degrees, what are the best ways we can adapt to the hot and humid climate at home?

There is nothing better that switching on a nice blast of air-conditioned draft to cool your room within minutes and avoid those sticky sheets that get glued to you.

However, there is nothing worse than having a bill that makes your jaw drop at the cost of cooling. Moreover, this season also brings out the inconvenience and difficulty of maintaining all those electronics that will keep you cool but will get you tired.

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Even if you don’t have a centralized air system or an assistant to fan you with palm leaves, there are still plenty of ways to keep your zones chilly for a stress-free summer. From natural cooling like creating shades at home to economical cooling like having an air cooler, are different ways to make your home comfortable this summer.

home cool
Maintain a proper ventilation at your home. Pixabay

Sachin Phartiyal, Vice President, Appliance Business – Crompton Greaves Consumer Electricals Ltd shares 7 tips on how to have indoor cooling zones to keep your family cool this summer. Read to know more:

Drape away the heat with some curtains or blinds

With the sweltering sun that comes knocking on to your windows especially during the daytime, close your blinds particularly from the later part of the mornings to the early evenings. Use fabrics like cotton or materials like jute screens or bamboo shoots with pastel / lighter colors and stay away from those darker shades. This will make your room airy and light.

The superior cooling easy maintenance air cooler

The coolers work on evaporative cooling and take hot air from the surrounding and give away cool air. They work best with open door and windows. Air coolers come in different types (desert, tower, window, personal) that are adaptable for your homes. Look towards coolers that have faster cooling and higher air delivery which cools every corner of the room. With new technologies, there is also various easy ways to maintain these coolers so you don’t have to worry about the cooler working for you instead of the other way around.

Go green with some good ole plants

Bring in a little bit of nature like window plants that act as a natural cooling resource. From growing vines and creepers to aloe vera as well as planting some ferns or palm trees, it not only keeps your indoors cooler but also keeps away the toxins in the air.

home cool
Do not overuse air-conditioners in your home. Pixabay

Cross ventilate your rooms

Learn to control your room temperatures simply by strategically opening and closing your windows at the right time of the day. Since temperatures fluctuate especially during the summer season, the best time to get some cool breeze indoors is from 5 am to 8 am and then from 8 pm to 10 pm to let in that pleasant evening breeze especially in the night.

Cool your room with some cool sheets

With the summer season on, we tend to chill out at home especially on our bed. However, you don’t want to wake up all sweaty and itchy hence you should not have any materials that are silk, satin or polyester and instead go for more breathable ones like cotton or linen that are light and refreshing.

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Unplug those electronics

Electronic equipment and anything connected to a socket, if left on idle for a long period of time, tends to get heated up which generates more heat to the home.

It’s a simple yet underrated thing but will do a lot of good especially in the long run as it will not only improve your cool zones but also save up on energy.

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Keep yourself cool too

While you create cool zones in your homes this summer, don’t forget to keep yourself cool. Look for various season fruits and foods that keep the body heat away and help you feel energized. Moreover, try to stay hydrated as well with various natural juices and most importantly water. (IANS)



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