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English coral jewellery

Jewellery serves a two-fold purpose. It adorns the body, and it benefits it. Jewellery usually consists of metals and gems that come from the earth, and so wearing them automatically imbibe the minerals and properties they contain. Coral is one of those rare gemstones that come from the sea, and in the scenario of climate change, they are all the more precious. Here is a brief guide on coral jewellery.

Incorporating coral into silver or gold certainly adds an aesthetic look to the entire piece. It's traditional reddish-pink shade makes the entire ornament look like antiquity. Red coral is the most common colour available, but there are other colours too.

Red coral is the most common colour available, but there are other colours too A silver and red coral bracelet Image credit: Wikimedia commons

Wearing coral jewellery is believed to benefit those who have health issues relating to the blood, nervous system, or the circulatory system. The calcium carbonate content in it helps to regulate the strength of bones. It is also a symbol of peace and relaxation, because of the calmness associated with the sea. It is worn in some cultures as a protective amulet against the evil eye.

Coral is usually paired with gold or brass. It is sometimes worn with silver, but it does not blend well with it and stands out. since coral is rarely treated, it cannot be altered to suit a metal that does not correlate with its colour. It can only be dyed to deepen its shade.

Since coral jewellery is fragile, it must be taken good care of A jewellery set carved from pink coral Image credit: Wikimedia commons

Since coral jewellery is fragile, it must be taken good care of. It should be washed with mild soap and a toothbrush. Using harsh cleansing agents can corrode the gem. Coral must be protected from ultrasonic vibrations as these can fracture it. For the same reason it should be stored either in a pouch or in a lined box. It is not advisable to wear it on hikes or tedious activities as it can break or fade.

These days, coral is available in antique shops because of how rare it has become to find real coral jewellery. Coral reefs need extra care and attention to recover from the years of harvesting. If you have old coral jewellery, ensure to take the above steps to preserve it longer, as you have some real treasure on your hands.

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