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Photo by Mufid Majnun on Unsplash.

The highly infectious Delta variant has fuelled the surge in Indonesia.

Randeep Guleria, the Director of Delhi AIIMS stated on Friday (August 13, 2021), that the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic is not yet over and the third wave depends on the COVID-appropriate behaviour by the people.

Speaking to ANI, Dr Guleria stated "I would suggest that people should understand that the second wave of the pandemic is not over yet. Daily, we are getting more than 40,000 cases. It is important for everyone to follow COVID-appropriate behaviour. If we follow this, then another wave will not come,"

Earlier, Dr Guleria had predicted that the third wave of COVID-19 might hit the country around mid-August, and gradually peak in October. All depending on the type of the virus` variant. If it's proved to be more infectious, then cases can increase like the second wave.

At the time of writing, this article over hundred Delta Plus cases have been detected in Maharashtra. The process to detect a Delta Plus case is arduous and marred with numerous administrative discrepancies. Take for example the first death by the variant in the financial capital, Mumbai. The 63-year-old woman tested positive for covid on July 21 and passed away three days later on July 24. It was approximately a month later when on August 11, the genome sequencing results found that her death was caused by the Delta Plus variant.

An illustration depicts the spike proteins of the highly infectious Delta variant. Photo by Viktor Forgacs on Unsplash.

Later when six of her close contacts swab samples were collected and sent for genome sequencing, two of them tested positive for the variant. Moreover, she had taken both the jabs of the Covid-19 vaccine.

The gap between the first positive report and the genome sequencing report is frightening. At the time of writing this article, the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare had confirmed 300 Delta plus cases in India so far and stated that the Delta variant has been isolated.

In an interview with ANI, Dr Gagandeep Kang, India's top microbiologist and virologist said that the third wave depends on the type of virus` variants or strains. Furthermore, she stated that if the wave was primarily driven by a variant, then it is quite difficult to predict the case numbers, erstwhile, if the wave is driven by a strain then the case numbers are quite predictable.

It is high time that Indians start preparing for a brutal third wave. According to various scientific journals, the Delta variant is twice powerful as the Alpha variant. The surge in cases during the brutal second wave was caused mainly due to the highly infectious Delta variant. Underestimating the onset of Delta Plus will be perilous for the country.

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