After Coronavirus, China Reports Bird Flu Outbreak

China reports about a bird flu outbreak in its Hunan province

Bird flu
Health officials in China have announced an outbreak of bird flu. Pixabay

As if health officials in China don’t have enough on their hands with a spreading coronavirus, now officials announced an outbreak of bird flu.

China’s Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs announced Saturday an outbreak of a highly pathogenic strain of H5N1 flu at a farm in the southern province of Hunan.

The virus was discovered on a farm with nearly 8,000 chickens — more than half of them have already died because of the outbreak.

Bird flu
Chickens are seen at a livestock market before the market asked to stop trading on March 1 in prevention of bird flu transmission, in Kunming, Yunnan province, China. VOA

China is not alone in trying to tamp down the spread of this virus.

Earlier this week authorities in India started culling chickens and destroying eggs to contain the bird flu virus.

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And a different strain — the H5N8 virus — has spread throughout eastern Europe in recent weeks.

Bird flu outbreak in China back in 2013 ended up costing $6.5 billion in economic losses, according to U.N. experts. (VOA)


  1. That bird flue, Is that the same virus, the one they said it would be fatal if mutates and spread on humans, back in 2013? Oh, so lets just call it differently, so no one notice


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