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Here’s How COVID Created Chaos in Students’ Lives

The COVID-19 Lockdown Affecting Students' Future and Career


Every time life throws a hardship on you, you try to resist and sort it out. Right from childhood, we are taught to face problems. Everybody might feel life to be a mess at a certain time. Pandemic is just that everybody is having this feeling at a time. We feel that this is such a plight! The virus made the entire world a whole different place. This situation has put the whole education system into disarray.

We do what we learn, and we learn what we are taught. It’s a miserable thing to students with budding minds and loads of aspirations in the mind. Nothing would have stopped them, but the virus did. The education of students has been totally turned towards online learning. Maybe to an extent, students might understand the theoretical part of their syllabus but there will be a great void in practical knowledge of education because of screen learning. This will lead to a bigger downfall in their careers.

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Skills play a key role in the betterment of the nation in every field. These skills might end up being a missing factor in the graduates of our nation because of external factors like the virus. Every course has its own importance in society but fields like medical, engineering, research, etc. need a lot of practical implications more than theoretical knowledge. If it was possible for students to learn everything and educate themselves through virtual classes, then there would be no such thing called as “classrooms.” Hence, situations like these will make it worse for the career of students which in turn impacts the whole nation.

Another major impact would be on the mental health of students too. Students are always constantly busy with all their duties and suddenly, they are away from their learning practices. We must not neglect the uneasiness felt by the students because it is dangerous to do so. The mind is a very sensitive aspect and must always be considered. It’s easy to tell that we have to be consistent with our studies but the surrounding really does not help students in building a stable mind to focus on their dreams. This will affect them in the long term and not just until the lockdown is done.

It’s a miserable thing to students with budding minds and loads of aspirations in the mind. Nothing would have stopped them, but the virus did. Unsplash

The fettle of final year students is despairing, they lie on the verge of getting graduated and finding their success. But now it seems too difficult to get over this and start their careers where the economy has been raptured. The online exams held for final year students are also creating a problem in their future. It was too soon that offline classes in college were dismissed in March and nothing was taught yet. With unemployment soaring during these tough times, recent graduates waiting in the wings and looking for their first job feel marooned.

In an already bleak job market with growing unemployment rates, a majority of these graduates are likely to find it extremely difficult, if not impossible, to secure employment. COVID-19 has not only altered our ways of life radically in the present, it has also thrown the future of lakhs into question. 

The Ministry of Human Resources has issued a plea to all companies who have recruited so far, to not withdraw their job offers to owe to COVID-19. In a meeting held with educational institutions, the MHRD has asked for special placement drives to be held for those who are unable to secure or retain jobs during this time.

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With uncertainty tightening its grip over the job market, the next few months will be crucial in ascertaining how the prospective employers and graduates respond to the changing situation. However, it’s important for us to stay calm and face it all because that’s the only option we are left with. Time will be the best healer. 



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