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More than 1.5 crore youngsters have also received the first medication in only five days.

The Prime Minister was addressing after virtually launching the Chittaranjan National Cancer Institute's second campus in Kolkata.
More than 90% of India's adult population has already gotten a single dosage of the vaccine, he claims. "More than 1.5 crore youngsters have also received the first medication in only five days," he added.

Modi hailed the country's scientists, vaccine makers, and health-care workers for their contributions, dedicating the success to the entire country and all governments.

"The new campus will go a long way toward providing West Bengal residents with inexpensive, cutting-edge healthcare, particularly for the poor and middle classes. We have made another significant step forward in our goal to provide the greatest medical care to every person of the country "According to the Prime Minister.

He stated that the government began the year with vaccinations for youngsters aged 15 to 18 years old. At the same time, India has reached the historic milestone of producing 150 crore - 1.5 billion vaccination doses in the first week of the year.

"Achieving a total of 150 crore doses in less than a year is a remarkable accomplishment and a representation of the country's willpower. According to him, it represents the country's newfound confidence, Aatmnirbharta, and pride. As the number of cases of the Omicron variety rises, this safety net of 150 vaccination doses becomes even more critical "Modi stated the following.

Vaccine Total of 150 crore doses in less than a year is a remarkable accomplishment.NAtional Health Executive/wikipedia

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"Bengal has also received over a thousand new oxygen cylinders and over a half-thousand new ventilators. In addition, 49 PSA new oxygen plants have begun operations in the state "The Prime Minister brought it up.

Today, Prime Minister Narendra Modi stated that the Ayushman Bharat plan is becoming a global benchmark in terms of accessible and inexpensive healthcare. "More than 2 crore 60 lakh people have gotten free treatment in hospitals throughout the nation as a result of PM-JAY-Ayushman. Patients would have spent 50 to 60 thousand crore rupees in the absence of the plan, according to estimates. The Ayushman Bharat initiative also assisted around 17 lakh cancer patients "he stated.


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The New Indian Express/wikipedia

Named SEE-1, the module is intended to host films, etc in the low orbit, micro-gravity environment.

S.E.E. has unveiled plans to build a space station module that contains a sports and entertainment arena as well as a content studio by December 2024, reports

Named SEE-1, the module is intended to host films, television, music and sports events as well as artists, producers and creatives who want to make content in the low orbit, micro-gravity environment. The facilities will enable development, production, recording, broadcasting and livestreaming of content.

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S.E.E. intend to produce its own content and events in the module as well as making it available to third-parties. Axiom Space, who in January 2022 won NASA's approval to build a commercial component of the International Space Station (ISS), will undertake the construction of SEE-1. The module will dock on Axiom's commercial arm, named Axiom Station, which will also host other commercial ventures, including space tourism.

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As the economy continues to recover from the prolonged pandemic.

By Rohit Vaid
The Centre might bestow infrastructure as well as industry status to new sectors to boost several pandemic hit industries in the upcoming Union Budget. Industry insiders said that several sectors and sub-industries such as hospitality, automobile retail, specific diganotics facilities and companies engaged in installation of EV charging stations amongst others might get the status.
The infra tag will enable these sectors to avail tax breaks, incentives and credit on lower interest rates. "Sectors which are in greenfield or which would need capex augmentation to help them overcome the pandemic can be looked from the lens of an infrastructure sector," said Jagannarayan Padmanabhan, Director and Practice Leader, Transport & Logistics, Crisil Infrastructure Advisory. "Also many of the already identified sectors need a sustained policy push which will help them get visibility both in terms of quantum and the time period of applicability."

Till now, activities associated with laying of power and telecom transmission and distribution lines, roads, highways, railways and construction of facilities such as hospitals, affordable housing, power generation units, water treatment plants, SEZs and certain type of hotels amongst others were given such status.

Besides, these sectors are a part of harmonised master list for infrastructure sub-sectors. However, in April 2021, exhibition-cum-convention centre was included in the list. "Given the focus around electric vehicle, and need for significant investment in charging stations, if the government adds the sector in infrastructure list, the benefits arising out of it will be significant," said Vishal Kotecha, Director, India Ratings and Research. "Infra tag on sectors increases ability to raise funds, access to dedicated funds and lenders, foreign capital, lower interest rates among others."

Electric car Given the focus on electric vehicles, the advantages of including the industry in the infrastructure list will be enormous. Free SVG

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A team is working to produce safest medicine for covid treatment.

A team led by chief scientist Ravi Shankar, is working on two combinations to provide the safest medication to coronavirus patients. "Experts say that a combination of antivirals with different mechanisms can be more effective to counter the viral pandemic. We are working on two combinations - Umifenovir with Molnupiravir (an antiviral) and Umifenovir with Niclosamide (anti-parasitic)," he said.

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Molnupiravur drug has received only Emergency Use Authorisation in India and abroad. Though its usage showed reduced hospitalisation during clinical trials, its biggest drawback are the side-effects, he added.

"Now, we are trying to keep a low dosage of Molnupiravir in its combination with Umifenovir which may weed out the side-effects such as the risk of cartilage and muscle damage. If successful, it will make Umifenovir more effective in Covid-19 treatment," said the chief scientist. The other combination is Umifenovir with Niclosamide.

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