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Crackdown on Drug Lords at the Coast Intensify as Police Arrest Ali Punjani’s Wife, Two Foreigners in Nyali Home Raid

Detectives raid the home of drug trafficking suspect Ali Punjani in Nyali, Mombasa County

Ali Punjani
Ali Punjani on his hospital bed in India where he is undergoing treatment.

By Geoffrey Isaya

The wife of Mombasa tycoon Ali Punjani, who is being sought by police over drug trafficking, has been arrested at their home in Nyali.

Ms Karki Sushmi Ja, a 24-year-old Nepalese, was arrested alongside two men of Nepalese and Indian origin.

Mombasa police commander Johnston Ipara who confirmed the arrest said the three were detained following the raid at the house on the second day.

The officers, who were in plain clothes inspected the backyard which is facing the Indian Ocean as sniffer dogs went round three high-end vehicles which had been parked in front of the house is located in 1st Avenue.

The house that sits on three acres has a showroom-like parking lot, a swimming pool and a massive garden that lies directly opposite the beach.

Their arrest comes just a day after urged Ali Punjani to surrender.

Detectives raid the home of drug trafficking suspect Ali Punjani in Nyali, Mombasa County, on August 13, 2019. Mr Punjani’s wife has been arrested.

On Monday, Ipara led a contingent of heavily armed police officers to Punjani’s house, where a search for drugs was conducted but he was away.The crackdown was accelerated a day after Interior Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiangi issued a tough warning in Mombasa, saying there was a strong link between recent attacks in Kisauni and drug trafficking.

“We are giving him some hours to surrender to the nearest police station,” Ipara told journalists, “The raid at Punjani’s house follows a tip-off from the public that is why we are here to ascertain reports that he deals in drugs.”

Punjani is a close associate of the Akasha family—whose two brothers are facing trial in the US.
The Akasha brothers: Baktash and Ibrahim, are awaiting sentencing in New York after they were convicted of drug trafficking in East Africa and the United States.

Punjani is said to be out of the country for medical attention in India.

“We want him to help us with our investigation. His friends and colleagues should also come out and report to the police,” added Ipara.

He said they will break into every corner of Punjani’s house to ensure that there are no drugs.

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This comes as it emerged that businessman Ali Punjani who is being sought over drug trafficking is admitted to a hospital in India over a heart-related condition.

His family released his travel itinerary and photographs of the tycoon on a hospital bed.

He was then referred to the Asian Heart Institute in India. A letter from a local hospital dated July 31 indicates he was admitted at the facility on July 29 following what was described as an acute coronary syndrome.


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