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How to Create a Workout Routine That Helps the Planet

Here's how you can create a workout routine that helps the planet

Many of us are looking for more eco-friendly ways for just about everything: from making our food to our clothes.

You can make some simple choices for your workout routine that will also help the planet.

  1. Use resistance bands at home

Resistance bands are not only an excellent choice for getting a well-rounded workout, but they can be a sustainable way to keep fit. You can carry resistance bands in your bag and work out anywhere, including outside, which means you’re getting more fresh air and sunshine.

Resistance bands also enable you to work out at home, so no need to get in a car and drive to fitness classes. Large gyms use lots of energy to run, and you don’t have to contribute to that. And because your computer or phone is probably already on, you won’t need to use any additional electricity for those workout videos!

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Resistance bands also enable you to work out with very little equipment. Equipment requires energy and other resources to be made, but you can get a full-body workout just using resistance bands.

How to Create a Workout Routine That Helps the Planet
Resistance bands also enable you to work out at home, so no need to get in a car and drive to fitness classes. Unsplash

The best brands are those that opt for more sustainable fabrics, such as stretchable cotton blends. Some brands can use plastics, which are not good for anyone, including the environment.

Go here to find out more about cotton-blend resistance bands.

  1. Recycle or reuse what you can

In addition to recycled fabrics, you can opt for secondhand equipment wherever possible. If you really want to use weights, treadmills, or other equipment, go for previously-owned. At least you are recycling.

Many items can be recycled or reused, such as water bottles, yoga mats, dumbbells and other weights, shoes, etc.

  1. Choose sustainable workout clothes

You want your workout clothing to be breathable, comfortable, and easy to care for. Fortunately, today there are many choices for buying sustainable workout clothes. These clothes may cost more to purchase, but they will last a long time, and you’ll be doing the planet a favor!

Above all, make sure the resistance brands you choose are not made from polyester. Polyester is human-made, and when it is made from scratch, it is produced using a large number of chemicals and fossil fuels.

There are, however, more and more companies who are using recycled polyester. Recycled polyester breaks down into fibers the chemicals from plastic water bottles, and this process uses about half the amount of energy that it takes to make polyester from scratch. Recycled polyester is a good choice for workout clothes, as it is light and soft. Check the fabric label to make sure the polyester is recycled.

Recycled nylon is another good choice for workout clothes. The process of creating recycled nylon uses about 80 percent less water and gives off 90 percent less CO2 emissions than creating nylon fabrics from scratch.

Hemp and bamboo are other good choices for sustainable workout clothing. Organic workout clothes are getting easier to find, even in large stores.

How to Create a Workout Routine That Helps the Planet
Recycled nylon is another good choice for workout clothes. Unsplash

  1. Do some research before buying new

Buy local where possible

Look and see how far your items have to travel to get to you. If you live in the US, buy products that are made in the USA if you can.

Check whether the company gives back to the planet

Does the company recycle? What are they doing to decrease their environmental impact? Does the company contribute to any environmental causes? Are their products ethically made? How do they treat their employees?

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Put your workouts to good use

Participate in charity runs, swims, hikes, or cycle races. Think twice before traveling to far-flung sports events. Is it worth the impact on the environment to travel all that way?

Use eco-friendly products post-workout

After your workout, if you need to spray down or clean equipment, choose eco-friendly sprays. Better yet, make your own with a mixture of water and vinegar. Making your own eco-friendly cleaning products is easy and satisfying. You’ll save money, too!

If you go to the gym, go green

Bike, walk, or jog to the gym rather than using fuel-dependent options. You’ll arrive at the gym, warmed up and ready to go!

Enjoy your workouts, knowing you are doing your part to protect our precious environment.

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