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Crusade against corruption; IAS officer Ashok Khemka transferred for the 46th time in 24 years

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By NewsGram Staff Writer

Transport Commissioner and Secretary,Transport Department, Haryana, Ashok Khemka, has been removed from his post by the government. He is now made the Director General, archaeology and museums, a post which is considered of no importance.

An IIT-Kharagpur graduate and a winner of S R Jindal Prize in 2011 for “Crusade against Corruption”, Khemka’s transfer almost twice every year in his service so far is the best illustration of the vulnerable situation of whistleblowers in our country.

“Tried hard to address corruption and bring reforms in transport despite severe limitations and entrenched interests. Moment is truly painful,” Khemka said in the tweet. He was abruptly transferred by the Haryana’s BJP government headed by Manohar Lal Khattar.

The Haryana transport department, under Khemka, had recently banned plying of long-body trailers without obtaining permission. The department had issued a notification declaring that all heavy vehicles need to adhere to the new criteria on dimensions of these vehicles before they are issued fitness certificates to ply the roads. But the powerful transporters lobby in Haryana did not comply with the new rules. There are nearly 3.5 lakh transport vehicles plying in Haryana.

Haryana’s outspoken Health and Sports Minister Anil Vij came out in support of Khemka. He said that he would speak to the chief minister about Khemka’s sudden transfer.

He was appointed as transport commissioner and secretary, transport department, last year after Khattar assumed office as chief minister of the first BJP government in Haryana.



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