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Bitcoin is gaining prominence in the virtual and business world

By- Jean Nichols

Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency, and many people have been inspired by bitcoin, and they started to create their cryptocurrency. Even many people are creating their cryptocurrency. Daily there is a new cryptocurrency that is created daily. In this further, we will discuss the factors required to make our cryptocurrencies are.

What are the benefits of cryptocurrency?

There are many benefits of investing in cryptocurrency on . Because of this reason; there are many people who have shifted from the share market to cryptocurrency for investment purposes and for earning huge profits.

●The primary advantage of cryptocurrency is that the market of cryptocurrency is very volatile and rises and falls very quickly. So just by getting the knowledge, one can very quickly invest in cryptocurrencies.

●The second main advantage of investing in bitcoin is that it is a universal currency. One can easily invest in cryptocurrencies and use Them in any part of the world.

●This is a universal currency, so it is straightforward to make international transactions through it. International transactions take very little time on this platform.

There are some of the other primary advantages too, like less time-consuming, low transaction charges, etc.

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A chart depicting crypsocurrency rates and prices Image source: wikimedia commons

Are factors necessary for creating your own cryptocurrency?

While creating your own cryptocurrency, there are some factors that need to be taken care of before starting work on them.

●The major thing which is required in this is that we require a professional coder who has essential experience. He can help us create our own cryptocurrency by doing satisfactory coding.

●Another thing we need is the blockchain. In the case of the blockchain, we can create our own blockchain, which would cost very high and which would be very time consuming; instead of that, we can use the blockchain of some other cryptocurrency. Now there comes the difference, if we are creating our own blockchain, then it will be known as the coin, and if we are using the blockchain of some other crypto, then it will be known as a token.

●Another major thing required for creating our own cryptocurrency is that we need full-time customer care support, which can handle customers easily.

●Another thing is that we require a proper payment gateway so that we can make the money transfers very conveniently.

●The last factor which controls all the above factors is that we need a considerable investment amount and along with that the investors.

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What are the advantages of new cryptocurrency?

There are many advantages of creating own cryptocurrencies:

●The owner of the cryptocurrency can hold a large proportion of the bitcoin on his own, and when the prices of the crypto rise, then he can easily sell the crypto in proportions and can live a luxurious life.

●The prices of the new cryptocurrencies rise; there are no chances of falling down of the bitcoin prices as the new crypto price rises continually as anyone invests in it.

Bitcoin is well on its way to replacing or globalising currency Image source: wikimedia commons

As with the time, a new cryptocurrency should give some benefits to the users:

●It should provide fewer transaction charges as much as possible; this is also the main thing that matters in cryptocurrency.

●The payment gateway should be the best, and there should not be the payments on hold in it; the user hates these types of things.

●Customer service should be the best one and deal with the customers in the best way possible. Because polite customer service can impress the customer and he will recommend others to invest in the cryptocurrency.


Here we have discussed the factors which are very necessary for a new cryptocurrency. There are benefits both to the users as well as to the people who are investing in cryptocurrency. The owner of the cryptocurrency will earn money by keeping the central part of the holdings and sales in it in the future.

The users can earn profits by investing in it initially and sell it in early times as there will be the price of the crypto in the skies. So, this was all about creating your own cryptocurrency; the only problem which arises is that there comes the problem of the funds' collection.

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R. K. Narayan, one of the most well-known and popular writers within India and outside India is the creator of this town and the occurrences of this town. The stories follow the characters Swami and his friends through their everyday lives. Be it the story of fake astrologers who scam and loot the people by his cleverness, or the story of a blind beggar and his dog where the money blinded the man with greed; each story has a lesson to learn, morals and values hidden in it. As the stories are simple, easy to understand yet heart-touching it makes it easy for the kids to connect with each character and imagine the story as if the reader themselves were the protagonist of the story. In simple words, we can say that R.K. Narayan simply told stories of ordinary people trying to live their simple lives in a changing world.

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"Hugs, caress scenes, extramarital affairs, vulgar and bold dressing, bed scenes and intimacy of married couples are being glamourized in utter disregard to Islamic teachings and culture of Pakistani society," PEMRA stated, as per the report.

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