Eating Curd and Sugar before Heading out can bring Good luck? Here’s What Hinduism has to Say!

The tropical climate of India demands a combination like that of curd and sugar in order to cope up

Indian superstition and the 'could be' logic behind them
Curd provides calming effect to the body. Wikimedia
  • Eating curd and sugar before heading out brings good luck according to some, whereas, is a myth according to others
  • If there was a hidden purpose behind bringing this ritual into existence remains a matter of curiosity 
  • Curd provides calming effect to the body and sugar provides instant glucose 

New Delhi, July 27, 2017: Remember the time when you were heading out for one of your very important exams, and your mom calls you and literally spoon feed you a bowl of curd mixed with sugar? Many will find it pointless or even a deep rooted superstition, but Hinduism has an answer for it!

There is no denying the fact that, because people are not aware of the logic behind this custom, they have made it a dependency and as a result, it has become a source of weakness for many.

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A lot of people, who completely deny the ‘good luck’ perspective of this Indian custom still believe that there has to be a logic behind this practice and also that it has been passed on from generation to generation. Many believe that a possibility of following this custom is –  sugar provides a rush of energy to the body and curd has a cooling effect, the combination of these two ingredients can help one maintain their energy levels and calm their bodies. Therefore, one must consume it to avoid dizziness, claustrophobia and other such problems.

Another possibility is that curd contains calcium and proteins and is also easy on the stomach and the digestive system, whereas sugar provides instant glucose, making them good options for consumption before stepping out. The tropical climate of India demands that our bodies use combinations like that of curd and sugar.

Since there is no scientific evidence that it brings ‘good luck’, it has been dropped in the category of common superstitions, but that in no way means that it doesn’t hold anything more to it. If we eliminate the ‘good luck’ part, eating curd and sugar before heading out can serve various other benefits and this has been scientifically proven.

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